Somnath Beach is one of the busy and crowded beaches of Gujarat that is located at a distance of 6kms from Veraval. Somnath is the temple town of the state and an important pilgrim destination owing to the presence of the famous Somnath Temple. The place is crowded by devotees who visit the pristine beach of Somnath to spend some time in solitude in the embrace of nature. Somnath Beach with its picturesque location and scenic landscapes is place to completely relax and unwind. The array of activities at the beach draws holiday makers to this popular tourist spot of Gujarat.

 Location : State/District

Somnath Beach is located in the state of Gujarat in India under the district of Somnath.The latitudinal coordinates of Somnath Beach is 20.91⁰ N while the longitude of the beach is 70.41⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Somnath Beach is a peaceful beach destination of the state of Gujarat.

 Family Vacation

Being located in the religious town of Somnath, the beach is crowded by devotees and Hindu followers in large number. Nature lovers from different part of the country and abroad also holiday in Somnath Beach to enjoy its unspoiled beauty. It is also a perfect destination to spend vacation with close families and friends.

 Weather Information

Summers at Somnath Beach are extremely exhausting and hot. The temperature during this time ranges between 24⁰C up to 41⁰C. The climatic conditions remain same from March till June and this time is best avoidable. The month of July is the start of monsoons that continues till September. During this time the place receives heavy rainfall making the sea look more ferocious. Strong winds are the characteristic of this season. Winter season in Somnath Beach prevails from November to February. The weather is pleasantly cool with temperature varying between 10⁰C to 32⁰C. The best time to holiday in Somnath Beach is from the months of October till March. The climatic conditions remain ideal to enjoy the beauty and sightseeing options around the beach.

 Travelling Requirements

Somnath Beach can be visited by Indian citizens without any travelling hassles any time of the year. Only tourists visiting from outside the country need to fulfil all visa formalities beforehand. They can travel to Somnath Beach for the specific number of days mentioned and must also carry their passports with them at all times. Moreover their passports must also remain valid for a minimum period of six months from their arrival at Somnath Beach.


Somnath Beach is characterised by sparkling clear waters, fine sands and thunderous waves. Even after fast onslaught of modernisation, the beach retains its natural beauty and charm. Somnath Beach is not ideal for swimming as the waves are very high and violent. However tourists come to this seaside destination to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The sight of witnessing the rise and fall of thunderous waves is a very exhilarating experience, one that will leave you spellbound for long.

Tourists visiting Somnath Beach love to relax at the shore under the shining sun. The view of sunrise and sunset from the beach is also one of the chief attractions of the place. The sight is awe-inspiring and spectacular. Taking leisure walks at the shore with the cool sea breeze brushing past you is very refreshing. At the Somnath Beach there are entertainment facilities available for tourists like camel ride. While on the beach you can also enjoy the scrumptious spread of food at the local stalls. There are also vendors selling tasty coconut water right at the beach side. Tourists from far and wide visit the beach of Somnath to spend time in the calm, peaceful and serene atmosphere that envelops the place.

 Places to Visit

There are plenty of sightseeing options around Somnath Beach that are worth visiting. Some of the famous destinations are mentioned below.

Somnath Temple is undoubtedly the biggest attraction for tourists visiting the Somnath Beach. This temple also finds place in the Holy Puranas and other religious epics of the Hindus. As per the legend, Somnath temple was built in the place where Sri Krishna was shot by an arrow in His foot. Somnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is among the sacred ‘Jyotirling’ of Shiva.

Rudreshwara Temple is located close to the famous Somnath Temple but most part of this temple is left in ruins. The temple is still worth visiting for its amazing sculptures that are created artistically on the walls and doorways.

Bhalka Tirth is another important pilgrim attractions located in the vicinity of Somnath. At the Tirth there is a old banyan tree and a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Prabas Pata Museum is a very popular museum of Gujarat that is located near the Somnath Beach. The museum houses the remains and fascinating artefacts of the previous temples.

 Food & Accommodation

The restaurants around Somnath Beach serve good vegetarian dishes to the visitors. Some of the restaurants are surprisingly small but nevertheless serve hot and delicious meals to their guests. The New Bhabha Restaurant is a favourite eating joint for tourists to enjoy vegetarian meals. Another famous restaurant is called as Babhia Restaurant located close to the temple that serves a variety of cuisine to the guests.

Somnath Beach offer accommodation in all ranges to suit the budget of Individual travellers. If you are hunting for low cost staying options there are plenty of choices like Lilavati Guest House, Hotel Sukh Sagar, Avadh Hotel, Hotel Shivam, Shiv Sagar Hotel, Hotel Anand Inn, Shri Radhe Hotel, Hotel Tulsi and Hotel Somnath Sagar to name a few. These hotels have rooms priced below INR 1500 for a night. Some good properties around the Somnath Beach that offer a comfortable staying experience to the guests are Lords Inn Somnath, Safari Resort, Shubh Suvidha Hotel and Hotel Sun Plaza. These accommodation have room tariffs starting INR 2000 onwards a night.

 Safety and Security

The beach of Somnath is not ideal for swimming and therefore tourists must stay away from the sea.