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Jupiter Synastry

Synastry astrology, or otherwise popularly known as relationship astrology, is the study and interpretation of the compatibility of any relationship established, be it professional, familial, romantic, marital, parental, friendships, infatuation, or enmity. The easiest method adopted to study the compatibility of a relationship is to observe the inter-aspects, if at all formed, between the planets in both the horoscopes by placing the planets of one along the wheel of another. The inter-planetary aspects in the synastry chart thus formed exert a considerable influence on the said relationship, each of them emphasizing the qualities and characteristics of the planets involved.

Jupiter synastry indicate areas of expansion and development in life. It also focuses on the ability to bring benefits to the other person involved in the relationship. An optimistic side of the Jupiter lightens many heavy, hard facets of a relationship. Jupiter is known to posses an idealistic dynamic that can uplift or offer support in the houses that it occupies or rules. On the down side, there have been instances when it promises more than it can deliver in certain inter-planetary connections.

Jupiter-Sun Inter-aspects

The Jupiter-Sun inter-planetary connections can be a disguise when they bring with them what may seem like a period of ease and relaxation, but it will not yearn satisfaction. A Jupiter contact with the Sun may promise more than what they can provide or fulfill. A Jupiter conjunct Sun synastry is viewed in great favor, as both the individuals expand the borders of their minds, accept and understand each other, and complement each other well. A Jupiter contact with the Sun as a sextile or trine brings opportunities for improved expressions and confidence. Challenging aspects like the square or opposition between the two planets essentially desire to make each other happy and content. There seems to be constant need to impress the other and receive validation from them.

Jupiter-Moon Inter-aspects

A Jupiter-Moon inter-planetary connection mostly implies mutual admiration as well as emotional fervor and zest for each other. Easy inter-aspects That Jupiter forms with the Moon, like the trine or a sextile, come easy with attraction, gratitude, intense feelings and an infectious energy. Honest and candid communication is made easier in this combination. A square or an opposition formed between Jupiter and the Moon, on the other hand, can bring mood swings and misunderstanding following poor discretion, making it difficult to balance the emotions.

Jupiter-Mercury Inter-aspect

Inter-aspects potentially formed between Jupiter and Mercury can broaden horizons. There tends to be frustrations and constant arguments when Mercury and Jupiter forms difficult contacts like a square, an opposition or a quincunx. The individuals may frequently interrupt each other to the extent of finding the other's approach to the world as irrational. A harmonious aspect can help build a concrete relationship with great understanding, sympathy and cooperation. These aspects accentuate the qualities of Mercury.

Jupiter-Venus Inter-aspect

Jupiter-Venus inter-planetary contacts may imply mutual indulgence in areas where the planets rule or occupy. An easy trine or a sextile formed between the two planets happen to be the most positive aspects in synastry astrology. There is sincere desire to make the other happy. There is forgiveness and tolerance of dire differences in the relationship. Jupiter square Venus synastry, or an opposition for that matter, may not necessarily take a sharp deviation from the harmony of a relationship. However, there are risks of proceeding in the relationship without a certain discipline on intuition if not handled carefully. Jupiter conjunct Venus synastry makes the relationship strong; the desire to please the other is intense.

Jupiter-Mars Inter-aspect

The Jupiter trine Mars synastry is symbolic of strength and courage in a relationship. A sextile formed between Jupiter and Mars is a harmonious feature when the intuitive powers of the individuals are heightened and they complement each other well. Jupiter conjunct Mars synastry happens to be a powerful connection. The square formed by Jupiter with Mars is easy to handle unlike what one might fear. They imply stimulation rather than aggravation. An opposition that these planets tend to create complications in the relationship.

Jupiter-Jupiter Inter-aspect

Jupiter synastry represents expansion by principle. A Jupiter-Jupiter inter-aspect can expect support, confirmation, steadiness, reinforcement of ideals, or validation of actions and deeds. Unless Jupiter in the synastry is in a challenging state, i.e, unless they form an opposition, a square or a quincunx in the houses or sectors that they rule or position, Jupiter brings growth and good fortune.

Jupiter-Saturn Inter-aspect

The Jupiter-Saturn aspects in synastry combines the optimism and generosity of the mighty Jupiter with the realism of Saturn. This makes a wonderful fusion of qualities and talents, which can boost and be productive especially in a business relationship. A Jupiter-Saturn synastry brings new perspectives in terms of what restricts or limits one’s life. In a hard aspect, the Jupiter person may feel the Saturn person to be judgmental, critical, and dampening of enthusiasm. In turn, the Saturn person may find the Jupiter person to be overly optimistic, easily trusting, imbecilic, and frivolous.

Jupiter-Uranus Inter-aspect

When Jupiter and Uranus combine in a synastry chart, both the planets are unusually generous to offer their energies, and they give each other space in plenty. A Jupiter conjunct Uranus synastry seeks freedom in the relationship. It embraces individuality in the relationship, which usually takes the relationship through unconventional ways. A hard aspect between the two planets can breed difference in opinions and misunderstandings. An easy aspect like a trine or a sextile facilitates a natural flow of energy, along with respect for each other's ideologies and beliefs.

Jupiter-Neptune Inter-aspect

There is a missionary zeal with Jupiter in synastry that can lead the individuals into temptation. There is increased enthusiasm and spirituality in a Jupiter-Neptune synastry. Jupiter-Neptune inter-aspects essentially reveal mutual enlightenment. The combination of Jupiter's optimism and zest with the illusionary and charismatic enthusiasm of Neptune can be quite a handful to handle. An easy aspect drives the individuals compassionate towards each other while differences in ethical and religious are the highlights during a hard inter-aspect between the two planets.

Jupiter-Pluto Inter-aspect

A Jupiter-Pluto synastry usually implies the need for growth and expansion in areas or houses that they rule, and such a combination is especially favorable for business relationships. Pluto can make the Jupiter person to get new insights but they often may intensify some undesired traits. Jupiter conjunct Pluto synastry challenges the individuals to grow, transform and improve. There can be frustrations and misunderstandings during a hard aspect. Trines and sextiles allow natural flow of energy and power, and appreciation of each other's philosophies and ideas.