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Venus Synastry

Synastry, also known as relationship astrology, studies and comprehends the compatibility of any established relationship, be it professional, familial, romantic, marital, parental, friendships, kinship, infatuation, codependency or enmity. The most convenient way to study the compatibility of a relationship under consideration is to observe the inter-aspects, if at all formed, between the planets in both the horoscopes by placing the planets of one along the wheel of another. The inter-planetary aspects thus formed in the synastry chart substantially influence the said relationship, where each of them emphasizes the qualities of the planets involved.

Venus, the planet of beauty, romance and luxury, mirrors the purest expressions of love and affection. The presence of Venus in the formed synastry chart boosts intimacy, compassion and affinity among two people, contributing to long lasting relationships.

Venus-Sun Inter-aspects

Venus-Sun Inter-aspects accents on love, acceptance, companionship, partnership and tolerance. A conjunction, trine, or a sextile brings harmony and boosts commonality in the established relationships. They make room for admiration, respect, appreciation and support. A harmonious aspect with the other's Sun is a classic for a male-female connection which promises a long-lasting relationship. The conjunction makes the individuals more amicable to each other; there's more love and romance. A square or an opposition tend to bring complications in the relationship. The values of the Sun are at odds with that of Venus, triggering imbalance and difference of opinion, especially in a square when a sense of obligation constantly bugs the individuals and create more challenges.

Venus-Moon Inter-aspects

Venus is known to form an ideal, the most amicable and harmonious aspects with the inquisitive Moon. The Venus conjunct Moon synastry is fortunate in social connections and romantic relationships as it favors mutual support and understanding and appreciation. Even a hard square in the lunar interrelation to Venus can involve deep emotional highs. An easy aspect, be it a trine or a sextile between Venus and the Moon, wards off, if at all present, any element of conflict and disharmony. Challenging aspects, i.e., a square or an opposition between the Moon and Venus, may lead to taking each other for granted, not appreciating the other, or possibly getting into conflicts over issues.

Venus-Mercury Inter-aspects

When one's Venus forms a challenging aspect, be it a square or an opposition, with the other's Mercury, their casual exchange of ideas, knowledge and thoughts may act as a source of conflict. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are common on such grounds. Harmonious aspects like the sextile or trine, on the other hand, expands one's artistic, creative horizons and strengthens tolerance. A Venus-Mercury conjunction can go either way, depending on the other aspects in the synastry astrology.

Venus-Venus Inter-aspects

The presence of Venus of both the individuals in the same element can make a lively relationship filled with passion, understanding and intimacy. The individuals express love and affection in similar ways. Trines and sextiles bring warm and enhanced feelings between the individuals involved in the relationship, while an opposition tends to delay the progression of the relationship. A Venus square Venus synastry imply that those in the relationship will be rendered unable to truly express their feelings, often leading to misunderstandings. A Venus conjunct Venus synastry boosts overall compatibility of the connection.

Venus-Mars Inter-aspects

The Venus Mars synastry is reckoned to be more crucial than a Mars-Mars contact or a Venus-Venus contact. Venus represents affectionate side of a person whereas Mars stands for their physical attraction or sexual drive. A Venus-Mars blend is thus delightful. A Venus conjunct Mars synastry is strong, when the romantic and physical attraction in the relationship becomes irresistible. The square and opposition between the two planets emphasize charged magnetism. A quincunx however enables a one-sided sexual interest. When Venus and Mars forms a sextile or a trine, the relationship is pleasant but is less possessive and compelling.

Venus-Jupiter Inter-aspects

Venus-Jupiter inter-aspects may imply mutual indulgence in those areas where the planets rule or are placed. Easy, harmonious cross aspects like a trine or a sextile formed between Venus and Jupiter happen to be the most positive aspects in synastry astrology. There is sincere desire to make the other happy. There is forgiveness and tolerance of dire differences in the relationship. Venus square Jupiter synastry, or an opposition for that matter, cannot take a sharp deviation from the pleasantness of a relationship. However, there are risks of proceeding in the relationship without a certain discipline of reciprocation on intuition if not handled carefully. Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry makes the relationship strong; the desire to please the other is intense.

Venus-Saturn Inter-aspects

A Venus-Saturn contact acts as the glue that holds the relationship together. These inter-aspects urges the individuals to embrace and experience the pleasure of the relationship. A Venus conjunct Saturn synastry represents a strong relationship with its own share of challenges. There is commitment and loyalty in plenty, but the risks of one of those involved in the relationship feeling insecure cannot be ignored entirely. A hard aspect like a square or an opposition can bring insensitiveness, indiscipline and unnecessary haste in the relationship. A flowing inter-aspect like a trine or a sextile stabilizes each other's emotions.

Venus-Uranus Inter-aspects

In close inter-aspects to Uranus, the synastry can imply sudden attractions with overpowering desires. If the contact formed is a harmonious aspect, like a trine or a sextile, and if there are other aspects that causes affinity and affection, the intense desires may eventually turn into love. Although the relationship begins with strong feelings of comfort, a hard aspect can likely surface the challenging dynamics, where conflicts or even hatred can emerge.

Venus-Neptune Inter-aspects

A Venus-Neptune may make one cajole the other, especially in a romantic relationship, where on an extreme, the inter-aspect may lure the individuals in situations they may later regret. The Venus person, in particular, finds the Neptune person extremely attractive, and that is reflected in the connection. A Venus conjunct Neptune synastry makes the relationship positively intense. A sextile or a trine between Venus and Neptune has the potential to increase and expand artistic and creative boundaries. However, a hard aspect like a square or an opposition will likely slip into an emotional rollercoaster following trust issues and miscommunication.

Venus-Pluto Inter-aspects

A Venus-Pluto connection in synastry is not usually manifested. It can be symptomatic of love and may exert the intensity of love, rendering both of them controlling in the relationship. This connection will most likely manifest jealousy and possessiveness. The Venus conjunct Pluto synastry is strong, indicating excitement, attraction and infatuation in the relationship, but it can also be disturbing. The relationship will go through an abundance of drama and emotional ups and downs. A square or an opposition between Venus and Pluto have tendencies to breed hatred, although the emotions in the relationship are intense. A trine or a sextile can make the relationship overwhelming and intense in a good way.