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Neptune Synastry

Synastry astrology, otherwise known as relationship astrology, studies and interprets the compatibility of an established relationship, be it professional, familial, romantic or marital. An easy method adopted to study the compatibility of a relationship is to take into account and interpret all the inter-aspects, if at all formed, between the planets from both the horoscopes. This is done by placing the planets of one horoscope along the wheel of the other, forming a synastry chart. The inter-aspects in the synastry chart thus formed exert significant impact on the said relationship, each of them highlighting the qualities of the planets involved in the aspects.

The planet Neptune is symbolically intuitive, compassionate and spiritual. They signify heights of ecstasy and fantasy. The inter-aspects that they form are illusionary, charismatic, magnetic and dreamy. Driven by fantasy and not with the slightest of realism, any relationship with Neptune aspects only sometimes lives up to expectations. Although, creativity and artistic hunch are at their peak in such relationships.

Neptune-Sun Inter-aspect

A Neptune-Sun synastry is mostly known to be seductive, as Neptune signifies ecstasy or great deception, and surreal. Challenging aspects like an opposition or a square between these two celestial bodies can be deceptive and tricky, but manageable. The chances of a certain level of distrust can popping up between them, cannot be entirely ignored. These may come along with the usual ups and downs. It can drain the individuals weak to commit and connect. A trine or sextile between the Sun and Neptune is auspicious as they focus on the positives of a relationship. A conjunction, though powerful, apparently stands midway; it can either be good or bad.

Neptune-Moon Inter-aspect

When Neptune makes contact with the Moon make in synastry, the relationship may be idealistic or spiritual. A sextile or a trine between Neptune and the Moon magnifies intuitive powers, and extends sympathy and sensitivity in a relationship. The individuals involved synchronize and their relationship is ideal. Tendency to misread and misunderstand each other’s actions and intentions are high if the inter-aspect is a square or an opposition. A conjunction is a powerful aspect that can go either way, depending on the nature of other aspects in the crossed horoscopes, if at all formed.

Neptune-Mercury Inter-aspect

A Neptune-Mercury synastry suggests at the possibility and the ability to make excuses to each other in the relationship. Especially when the aspect is a challenging in nature, the individuals go to the extent of lying to each other. Intuitive powers are strengthened as Mercury and Neptune form a harmonious trine or a sextile. The relationship is stable, built and anchored on a ground of trust. There is more care and affection, and the heart for appreciation. When the aspect formed is a rather challenging one, the environment can be stressful, indifferent and unwelcoming in the relationship.

Neptune-Venus Inter-aspect

A Neptune-Venus may make one cajole the other, where on an extreme, the inter-aspect may lure the individuals into situations they may later regret. Such a contact makes the individuals idealize every relationship. The Venus person, in particular, finds the Neptune person extremely attractive, and that is reflected in the connection. A Neptune conjunct Venus synastry makes the relationship positively intense. A sextile or a trine between Venus and Neptune can make the individuals realize when their idealized dreams are not fulfilled and that may let them down. However, in a hard aspect like a square or an opposition, the individuals may perceive that the relationship expresses positive qualities, but they are almost delusional about the reality.

Neptune-Mars Inter-aspect

Mars forms relatively easy squares with the intuitive and spiritual Neptune. Easy flow and exchange of energy and communication is a certainty in any easy connection formed between Neptune and Mars. In extreme cases, a hard inter-aspect can potentially make a relationship tense and difficult.

Neptune-Jupiter Inter-aspect

There is a missionary zeal with Jupiter in synastry that can lead the individuals into temptation. Thus, an increased enthusiasm and spirituality in a Neptune-Jupiter synastry is present. Neptune-Jupiter contacts reveal mutual enlightenment. The combination of Jupiter’s optimism and zest with the illusionary and charismatic energy of Neptune can be quite a bother handle. An easy aspect drives the individuals compassionate towards each other, while differences in ethical and religious domains are highlights during a hard inter-aspect between the two planets.

Neptune-Saturn Inter-aspect

A Neptune-Saturn synastry brings both realism and fantasy together. Neptune represents everything illusional, dreamy and surreal, while Saturn reflects on reality. A conjunction or an easy aspect like a sextile or a trine in this synastry integrates dreams of Neptune with Saturn's reality. Saturn represents material order and Neptune is indicative of the spiritual realm and commitment to conscience. When Saturn and Neptune meet in a synastry chart in a hard aspect, the individuals may not perceive each other in depth.

Neptune-Uranus Inter-aspect

With the element of illusion and fantasy of Neptune combining with the enthusiasm of an inquisitive Uranus, a Neptune-Uranus contact synastry makes a relationship unpredictable and exciting. The charismatic nature of Neptune can stabilize and dial down the eccentric Uranus. An easy aspect, be it a trine or a sextile, formed between these planets can be invigorating and titillating in a relationship. On the other hand, if the relationship have these planets forming a hard aspect, it may possibly only hang by a thread as Uranus may seem unpredictable and indecisive, and there is no trace of realism in Neptune.

Neptune-Neptune Inter-aspect

Neptune people indulge in all the idealizing of the relationship, and hence, a Neptune-Neptune contact can begin the relationship with great enthusiasm but can later end in disappointment. A Neptune conjunct Neptune synastry can turn out to be for the better or worse, depending on other aspects in the relationship chart. An easy aspect makes the relationship highly susceptible to fantasy. A hard, challenging aspect like a square or an opposition can result in constant disputes since the ideas and expectations that the individuals have of the relationship can significantly differ from each other.

Neptune-Pluto Inter-aspect

The principle underlying a positive connection between Neptune and Pluto identifies romance. The relationship becomes susceptible to fantasy and transformation. There is increased expectations from marital commitments. Neptune's largest separation from Pluto is a sextile, when the last century is concerned. In such cases, the aspect is given little importance over the house or sign that the aspect resides in.