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Mars Synastry

Relationship astrology, also famously known as synastry, studies the compatibility and agreement of any established relationship, be it professional, familial, romantic, marital, parental, friendships, companionship, codependency or enmity. A convenient way to study the compatibility of a relationship is to study and analyze each aspect, if at all formed, between the planets in the horoscopes by placing the planets of one horoscope along the wheel of another. The inter-planetary aspects thus formed in the chart can substantially influence the said relationship, with each aspect emphasizing the qualities of the planets involved.

A cross-interaction with Mars implies profuse energy and a certain drive, especially sexual drive. Mars is the go-getter and and emphasizes assertion in a synastry chart just as it does in a natal or a birth chart. The red planet accents a feeling of courage and strength in a relationship.

Mars-Sun Inter-aspects

A Mars-Sun square is a delicate connection that can potentially manifest hot breakouts between the individuals involved in the relationship if the third house is involved. On the other hand, it can bring great levels of infatuation and sexual attraction if the planets are involved with the eighth house. The sextile and trine in a Mars-Sun relationship is a blessing. The individuals set boundaries and respect each other's space. As challenging aspects occur between the Sun and Mars, the tendency to annoy each other is high. The intensity of feelings shoot from passionate to domination, greed, annoyance and arguments. The Mars-Sun opposition can be invigorating, being comparatively better among the challenging aspects.

Mars-Moon Inter-aspects

A Mars-Moon aspect formation involves the exchange of both emotional and physical energies as the Moon implies emotions and Mars represents drive and energy, especially sexual drive. When they conjunct with each other, the attraction between the individuals involved is both physical and emotional. As this combination is the merging of yin (Moon) and yang (Mars) planets, there may arise instances when the qualities of Mars dominates over that of the Moon. Therefore, it is likely to go into conflicts. A square or an opposition between the Moon and Mars is mostly similar to that of a conjunction. However, co-dependency in this aspect is not ideal, and the relationship may often fall into arguments. Squares to the Moon can be indicative of irritation and even provokes fights. A Moon-Mars trine or sextile is a strong indicator of attraction since the Moon nurtures and calms Mars's ego. Such a relationship is instantaneous and instinctual.

Mars-Mercury Inter-aspects

As Mars forms a square or an opposition with Mercury, it can characterize annoyance and irritation in the relationship, potentially leading to arguments. The conjunction happens to be the most powerful aspect to occur between Mars and Mercury, as is any conjunction in synastry. An easy inter-aspect like a sextile or a trine allows easy flow of energy and more enthusiastic, lively conversations.

Mars-Venus Inter-aspects

The Mars Venus synastry happens to be more crucial than a Mars-Mars or a Venus-Venus cross interaction. Venus represents the affectionate side of an individual whereas Mars stands for their physical attraction or sexual drive. Mars and Venus, hence, blend delightfully thus promising an exciting, amicable relationship. A Mars conjunct Venus synastry is strong, when romance and physical attraction in the relationship become irresistible. Any hard, challenging aspect between the two planets emphasize charged magnetism. A quincunx, however, enables a one-sided sexual interest. When Venus and Mars forms a sextile or a trine, the relationship is pleasant but can be less possessive and compelling.

Mars-Mars Inter-aspects

One's Mars forms better inter-aspects with Venus than with the Mars of the other individual in the relationship. There is increased energy when a person's Mars forms an aspect with the other's Mars. If the cross interaction between both the Mars is either a sextile or a trine, the sexual drive and vitality agree. There is instinctive comprehension and understanding of each other's desires, needs and wants. A square or an opposition also calls for physical attraction, but a relationship formed on such grounds tend to be built on jealousy and competitiveness.

Mars-Jupiter Inter-aspects

Trines from Mars to Jupiter is symbolic of strength and courage in a relationship. A sextile formed between Mars and Jupiter is a harmonious feature when the intuitive powers of the individuals are heightened and they complement each other well. Conjunction, as always, happens to be the most powerful inter-aspect between these planets. The squares formed by Mars with certain planets, especially Jupiter, are easy to handle, unlike what one might fear. They imply stimulation rather than aggravation. An opposition that Mars forms with Jupiter tend to create complications in the relationship.

Mars-Saturn Inter-aspects

While Mars is indicative of attraction, energy and drive, Saturn is symbolic of solidity of a relationship. Strong Saturn interactions are fortunate for most relationships. A Mars conjunct Saturn synastry can be tricky, when either there is overactive physical attraction and erotic drive or there is impotence psychologically, or they help each other to work on themselves. A hard aspect can make the individuals perceive each other as over-confident, smug or frivolous. If not handled carefully, the relationship can often end up in arguments. Easy flowing inter-aspects can make relationships predictable and dependable, which in extreme cases are equated with boredom and monotony.

Mars-Uranus Inter-aspects

The close connections Mars form with the Uranus of the second person are relatively easy to handle. They do not entirely imply aggravation, but instead imply stimulation. Inter-aspects with Uranus can indicate sudden attractions and strong, profound desires. An easy trine or a simple sextile between Mars and Uranus can turn this desire into more intense emotions. A hard aspect like a square or an opposition can deviate this affection into indifference, and if worse becomes worst, into hatred.

Mars-Neptune Inter-aspect

Mars forms relatively easy squares with the intuitive and spiritual Neptune. Easy flow and exchange of energy and communication is a certainty in any easy connection formed between Mars and Neptune. In extreme cases, a hard inter-aspect can potentially make a relationship tense and difficult.

Mars-Pluto Inter-aspect

A hard aspect, especially a square that Mars forms with Pluto can provoke fights and cause annoyance. A connection with Pluto can make the individuals insightful, but it can also lead to intensification of some undesirable traits. One must try and dodge a Mars-Pluto square as such a volatile synastry chart tend to resort to arguments, violence and competitiveness.