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Sun Synastry

Synastry is the branch of astrology that studies the compatibility of any established relationship, be it professional, familial, romantic, marital, parental, friendships, or enmity. The easiest method to check the compatibility of this relationship is to observe the aspects formed between the planets of the horoscopes of both individuals involved in the relationship, placing the planets of one around the wheel of another. Inter-planetary aspects formed in the chart thus formed intensely impact the relationship under consideration, with each aspects accentuating the qualities of the planets involved.

When the Sun of a person falls in the chart of another, they may attempt to exert a level of ego or control over the other, mostly to further their ambitions. Any contacts or inter-aspects that the Sun forms with any other planet from the horoscope chart of the other is indicative of their growth potential.

Sun-Sun Inter-aspects

The Sun-Sun conjunction can be an intense event in synastry. It can be understanding of each other's needs, but also possess the potential to bore each other to tears. The Sun-Sun opposition can either result in attraction or repulsion, which is entirely based on the rest of the chart and the other inter-aspects formed between the rest of the planets. If the Suns form a square, they reveal conflicts and control over the areas of rule in each chart.

Sun-Moon Inter-aspects

The Sun represents the masculine or the yang side, the will, and the Moon represents the feminine or the yin side, the emotions, if a Sun-Moon relationship is understood in psychological terms. In other words, the Sun in a woman's chart reflects her masculine disposition, whereas the Moon in a man's chart reflects his feminine side. The Sun-Moon conjunction is the most fulfilling aspect and the most desired in a male-female relationship as it complements each other well enough to tide over issues that are otherwise rather difficult. The Sun-Moon trines and sextiles establish harmony in a relationship over a sense of needing each other , and it may also not suggest longevity. Oppositions and squares between the Sun and the Moon brings a neutrality. Oppositions can suggest attraction, with levels of conflicting emotional exchanges. Squares suggest power struggles and imposes a question of authority.

Sun-Mercury Inter-aspects

The Sun-Mercury inter-aspects accents how two individuals interact, communicate and share ideas with other. Conjunction is a convenient aspect that they form. A Sun-Mercury trine or sextile suggests that the individuals involved in the relationship find it easier to communicate and connect with each other. They imply a positive flow of communication. Whereas a square can bestow disharmony by making the planets sensitive to criticism. A Sun-Mercury opposition can bring lively exchange of ideas but with a difference in opinion.

Sun-Venus Inter-aspects

A Sun-Venus Inter-aspect emphasizes love, acceptance, partnership and tolerance. A conjunction, trine, or a sextile brings harmony and common interests in partnerships. They make room for admiration, respect, attraction and support. The sextile, though is not an obvious connection, creates a feeling of mutual respect. The conjunction makes the individuals more amicable to each other; there's more love and romance. A square or an opposition can bring problems in a relationship. The value of the Sun is at odds with that of Venus, triggering differences in opinion and imbalance, especially in a square when a sense of obligation constantly bugs the individuals and create more challenges.

Sun-Mars Inter-aspects

A Sun-Mars square is highly delicate that it can manifest hot flare-ups between the individuals involved in the relationship if the third house is involved. On the other hand, it can bring great levels of infatuation and sexual attraction if the planets are involved with the eighth house. The sextile and trine in a Sun-Mars relationship is a blessing. The individuals set boundaries and respect each other's space. As challenging aspects occur between the Sun and Mars, the tendency to annoy each other is high. The intensity of feelings will shoot from passionate to domination, greed, annoyance and arguments. The tendency to interrupt each other, argue, and be at odds with each other is highly likely. The Sun-Mars opposition can be invigorating, being comparatively better among the challenging aspects.

Sun-Jupiter Inter-aspects

The Sun-Jupiter inter-aspects can be a disguise when they bring with them what may seem like a period of ease and relaxation, but could not be satisfying. A contact between the Sun and Jupiter could make the individuals promise more than they can provide or fulfill. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction is viewed in great favor, as both the individuals expand the borders of their minds, accept and understand each other, and gently tide over otherwise challenging difficulties. A Sun-Jupiter sextile or trine brings opportunities for improved expressions, pleasure and confidence. Challenging aspects like the square or opposition between the Sun and Jupiter desires to make each other happy and content. There happens to be constant need to impress the other and receive validation from them.

Sun-Saturn Inter-aspects

A Sun-Saturn contact can focus, accentuate or even frustrate a goal or an ambition, be it personal or professional. A Sun-Saturn conjunction gives a sense of stability in relationship, allowing the individuals to meet and deal with serious issues more maturely. The Sun-Saturn opposition can be restrictive, controlling, limiting and oppressive. It can trigger inhibitions in the confines of Saturn's inflexibility. A square can make way for frustration, stress, and arguments. Sun becomes highly sensitive to criticism, and this is not a favorable aspect. There is a stronger sense of responsibility and desire, along with a sense of security in a Sun-Saturn trine. A sextile on the other hand renders the individuals loyal, committed and devoted to each other and willing to make sacrifices to each other.

Sun-Uranus Inter-aspect

A Sun-Uranus inter-aspect can at once bring startling incidents and can expect unforeseen consequences. There can be excitement in a relationship where the Sun and Uranus conjuncts, and the relationship established will be rendered by impulsiveness and spontaneity. An opposition can be demanding and exhausting, making it challenging to keep the relationship stable and predictable. The Sun-Uranus square accents the quality of Uranus to bring changes in relationship built on the unconventional. A harmonious sextile or trine brings a sense of excitement, making the relationship intriguing and charming at the same time.

Sun-Neptune Inter-aspect

A Sun-Neptune contact can be seductive, as Neptune signifies ecstasy or great deception, being illusionary, charismatic and surreal. Challenging aspects like an opposition or a square between the Sun and Neptune can be deceptive and tricky, but manageable. A certain level of distrust can pop up between them along with the usual ups and downs. It can drain the individuals of their energy to commit and connect. A trine and sextile between the Sun and Neptune can be propitious as they highlight the positives of a relationship. A conjunction apparently stands midway; it can either be good or bad for the relationship.

Sun-Pluto Inter-aspect

A Sun-Pluto aspect makes a relationship intense. A positive aspect like a conjunction, a trine or a sextile between the Sun and Pluto can indicate a deep, intense connection where both partners feel empowered, in total sync, and transformed by the other. A challenging aspect like the square or opposition invite a more challenging and intense dynamic, where the individuals can be manipulative toward each other. There may arise power struggles. If both individuals submit to work together against these struggles, their relationship will perceive growth and transformation.