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Uranus Synastry

Synastry astrology, or best known as relationship astrology, studies the compatibility of any established relationship, be it professional, familial, romantic, marital or parental. A convenient method adopted to study the compatibility of a relationship is to take into account and observe the inter-aspects, if at all formed, between the planets in both the horoscopes. This can be done by placing the planets of one horoscope along the wheel of the other, giving a synastry chart. The inter-aspects in the synastry chart thus formed exert significant impact on the said relationship, each of them accentuating the qualities of the planets involved.

A Uranus contact in synastry likely stimulates the other person for the better or worse. When a planets makes an inter-aspect with Uranus, the relationship is bound to be electric, exciting and fun. However, the relationship may not necessarily promise longevity. Uranus is forward-looking and inquisitive, and celebrates originality, individuality and independence. All of these qualities reflect both positively and negatively in relationships that involves a Uranus contact in its synastry.

Uranus-Sun Inter-aspect

A Uranus-Sun inter-aspect can bring startling incidents and one can expect unforeseen consequences. There can be excitement in a relationship that charts a Uranus conjunct Sun synastry, establishing the relationship with impulsiveness and spontaneity. A Uranus opposition Sun synastry can be demanding, and further challenging to keep the relationship stable and predictable. A square accents the quality of Uranus that bring changes in a relationship built on the unconventional. A harmonious sextile or trine brings excitement, making the relationship intriguing.

Uranus-Moon Inter-aspect

A Uranus-Moon inter-aspect can seem exciting and titillating. There may be instantaneous attractions and intense desires in the initial stages of a relationship, making it unconventional. If the contact is a sextile or a trine, the intensity of this affinity may not diminish and die off, but instead it may mature into love. On the other hand, a square or an opposition in a Uranus-Moon synastry can potentially divert these desires into rebellion. Conjunction is the most powerful aspect in this synastry that can result in emotional distance in the relationship.

Uranus-Mercury Inter-aspect

A Uranus contact with Mercury helps awaken the intellect of both individuals and saves from boredom. A Uranus-Mercury synastry with a challenging aspect like a square or an opposition can potentially disturb the temperament of the relationship. There can be extreme mood swings, frequent bouts of emotional outbursts, and frustrations, all of it starting ironically from an initial attraction. A harmonious Uranus-Mercury aspect, be it sextile or trine, in the synastry creates a pleasing environment in the relationship. The most powerful aspect in this combination in conjunction, when handling the relationship carefully becomes a necessity.

Uranus-Venus Inter-aspect

In close inter-aspects to Uranus, the synastry can imply sudden attractions with overpowering desires. If Uranus and Venus form a harmonious aspect, like a trine or a sextile, and if there are other aspects that cause affinity and affection, the intense desires eventually mature into love. Although the relationship begins with comfort and strong affinity, a hard aspect in this synastry can surface the challenging dynamics, where conflicts or even hatred can emerge.

Uranus-Mars Inter-aspect

The close connections Mars form with the Uranus in a synastry astrology are relatively easy to handle. They do not entirely imply aggravation, but instead imply stimulation. Inter-aspects with Uranus can indicate sudden attractions and strong, profound desires. An easy trine or a simple sextile between Mars and Uranus can turn this desire into more intense emotions. A hard aspect like a square or an opposition can deviate this affection into indifference. Such discordant aspects can make the infatuation seem urgent, but it may not last long.

Uranus-Jupiter Inter-aspect

When Uranus and Jupiter form an aspect in a synastry chart, both planets tend to be unusually generous with their energies, and they respect each other's space. A Uranus conjunct Jupiter synastry brings liberation in the relationship. It embraces individuality of those involved, and thus, tend to take the relationship through unconventional ways. A challenging square or an opposition that Uranus forms with Jupiter breeds differences of opinion and misunderstandings. An easy aspect like a trine or a sextile brings easy flow of energy, along with respect for each other's ideologies and beliefs.

Uranus-Saturn Inter-aspect

A Uranus-Saturn synastry can bring challenging, intense emotions and passion with elements of individuality and independence to even it out if these planets form a hard aspect. A relationship formed with any aspect between Uranus and Saturn in its synastry may not necessarily be socially conventional. A square or an opposition may make the individuals exhibit extreme behavior, resulting in occasional conflicts and disputes over issues of responsibility.

Uranus-Uranus Inter-aspect

Uranian needs for freedom and individuality becomes the theme for relationships that house a Uranus-Uranus contact in its synastry. When Uranus from both horoscopes form a harmonious inter-aspect, it makes the relationship all the more exciting, enlightening and unpredictable yet progressive. The individuals act on impulses. A difficult aspect like a square or an opposition can, however, bring rebellion and a cloud of irresponsibility.

Uranus-Neptune Inter-aspect

With the element of illusion and fantasy of Neptune combining with the enthusiasm of an inquisitive Uranus, a Uranus-Neptune contact in any synastry makes a relationship unpredictable. The charismatic nature of Neptune can stabilize the eccentric Uranus. An easy aspect, be it a trine or a sextile, formed between these planets can be invigorating and titillating in a relationship. On the other hand, if the relationship have these planets forming a hard aspect, it may only hang by a thread as Uranus may seem unpredictable and indecisive and there is no trace of realism in Neptune.

Uranus-Pluto Inter-aspect

When Uranus forms an aspect with Pluto from a different horoscope, it accentuates the need for freedom or unique behavioral patterns. Whether the circumstances in the relationship is stimulating, acceptable or challenging depends entirely on the natal aspects and the house placements of these planets. A Uranus-Pluto contact demands the ability to adapt to new situations almost instantaneously.