Given below is today's, (Friday, April 20) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Aquarius zodiac combination.

It is finance and not romance which will be occupying your mind today and it is very likely to intrude in your love life also. You have made extravagant gestures for your partner in the past, but do not make the mistake of equating those with love. This is precisely the mistake that you are about to make which will push you deeper into a financial mess. Instead of trying to impress your partner with false show of extravagance, try to actually bare your soul and reveal the true financial situation to your partner.

Do not think that you are burdening him / her needlessly because sharing your troubles is what you do as a couple. Talking about your money trouble will actually help to establish a new and better rapport with your partner and you will feel much lighter after you have explained how matters lie to your partner.
On the other hand, your partner had no idea that you were experiencing money trouble and was actually worried about your distractions. Chances are high that your partner had interpreted your money worries as boredom with the relationship and he / she has been feeling helpless to deal with this.

Confessing your troubles will actually be a lot of relief to your partner who will be able to give you helpful suggestions about how you can go about solving your financial troubles. Celebrate the new level of trust that you achieved in your relationship with an intimate dinner which should be heartfelt rather than extravagant.

Lucky color: burgundy, auburn, cobalt blue
Lucky number: 43, 87, 23

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