Given below is today's, (Monday, November 28) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Libra zodiac combination.

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There have been misunderstandings between you two since the past few days. After all, you are two individuals with extremely different mindsets. Moreover your relationship is new and fresh. Today is a good day to explore this wonderful bond you two share. Both of you have entered the relationship in search of someone new and special to add that adventure in your life. Therefore do not dwell on the differences. In fact, see the differences as unique features in your partner and accept him/ her for who they are.

Instead of making elaborate plans and hanging out with friends, it is a good idea to spend a quiet day in each other’s company and passing the time with small talk and a cup of coffee. A lazy stroll in the park can do wonders. Sort out the differences between yourselves and try to leave any uncomfortable topics aside. Today is not a good day for tactless talk as it can complicate matters. As the day calls for understanding and repairing, stay away from objects and events that sow discord. Do not be around moving water like waterfalls or rivers as water creates disturbance. Sitting by a lake is good. Indulge in activities you both like. If the activity calls for dual participation, it’s better. Today is not a day for big tasks. Instead, the day calls for introspection and accommodation and soft melody. Listening to soft romantic songs can charge up the mood.

Lucky color – Light blue, rosy pink
Lucky numbers – 4, 22, 31, 56

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