Given below is today's, (Saturday, September 18) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Libra zodiac combination.

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You are extremely confident in your romantic life today. All your doubts will be washed away and no matter what the hurdles are in the path of love, today you will feel more than equal to them. You are full of positive feelings and quirks in the nature of your partner which used to irritate you will now appear completely irrelevant. You are full of big plans and feel a surge of optimism. You will also come up with creative ideas to tackle financial and other problems which had been sources of difficulty in your relationship. You are ready to take on all the challenges and win them by sheer force of will. If you had been having difficulty in persuading someone to get together with you, today you will be able to override all the objections and get your dream date.

Your extreme overconfidence can affect your partner in two different ways. If you do not discuss your plans for the future clearly with your partner, he / she will think that your show of confidence is actually a mask for nervousness and uncertainty. Your efforts to spare your partner worries will actually add to it. Instead, if you explain what you have in your mind and treat your partner as your equal, your confidence and positive feelings will infect your partner also. Do not ignore the input that your partner can provide or get carried away so much that you overlook his / her feelings.

Lucky color: Maroon, crimson, magenta
Lucky number: 12, 54, 9

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