Given below is today's, (Monday, March 20) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Sagittarius zodiac combination.

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It's incredible how the entire universe somehow fits within your arms. Nothing worldly matters to you when your partner is around, and that is the most precious gift. Your beloved has conquered a special place in your heart, and you know for a fact that it will remain forever. Although you have known each other quite a while, your heart still skips a beat as they walk into the room. You and your partner are on cloud nine, falling head over heels for each other, and you need to be vocal about it. Showing your love and professing your true feelings straight from the heart is what you need to do.

Everything seems to be just right when they are around. Much to your content, the stars have aligned in your favor hosting green flags for you to take this relationship forward. Chances are that you will soon include your family and friends in your relationship. You will mostly gather positive responses. While there is little to worry about how they will receive your relationship, you must mind who you encourage to meddle with you. You may tend to be deceived by sweet faces that may cater to a pinch of jealousy in their minds.

You know your close circle; you know your trusted acquaintances. Include just them. You may have a calm and collected composure, while your partner may be a bit fickle. Although they can be a little erratic, they are extremely humble and loyal when it comes to your relationship. They love you deeply, and there is no need to build room for suspicion. It may soon occur to you that they have been hiding certain things from you with the pure intention of not hurting you. You need to help them in ways that will not embarrass them.

Lucky color: Green, azure, lemon

Lucky number: 12, 19, 37

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