Given below is today's, (Saturday, December 15) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Capricorn zodiac combination.

You have not been sure of the feelings that the person of your romantic interest has for you. An inherent fear of rejection has forced you to keep your mouth shut regarding your own feelings but it has not been possible to stop yourself from having those feelings. You have tried to give your feelings a different face by adopting a rather off putting attitude. But your feelings will no longer be denied. It would do well for you to realize that you are actually fighting a losing battle. Acknowledging your feelings – no matter how illogical they appear – is inevitable today and sooner you do it, more you will save yourself from confusion. You need to take a risk today on the romantic front though you have been trying to avoid doing just that for the last few months.

Contrary to your expectations, the object of your romantic feelings is very much aware of your feelings and is actually eagerly waiting for your declaration. This person has come to terms with his / her own feelings a long time ago and is comfortable with it. So, you can expect to do a little penance because he / she are not going to give you a straight answer right away. Be prepared to make a moving romantic speech and baring your heart before you get a definite response. This may appear rather frightening to you but saying what you actually feel will be beneficial both for you and your future partner who deserves this and more.

Lucky color: pink, blue, red
Lucky number: 45. 3. 87

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