Given below is today's, (Thursday, July 16) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Leo & Capricorn zodiac combination.

You need to have an open mind. Everything is going well in your normal life and love life. Even your family is supportive of your partner. You need to relax and not let undue thoughts cross your mind. You need to let go and trust everything to happen as they will. The day is favorable and has a lot of excitement in store for you. A long vacation with your partner is on the cards. There might be a dinner tonight. Make it romantic with flowers and candle light. Throw in a surprise for him/her. You have been long intending to.

Treat yourself today. It is a good day to spend on you. Spend some time with friends as you have a great deal to catch up on. But try to spend most of the day with your partner.

Your partner has been very truthful and honest to you. He/she now expects the same from you. It is a good time to confide your dark secrets in your partner, even if the truth hurts. This is a time for forgiveness and understanding. Everything will go well.

For all the new couples out there, spend time discussing yourselves instead of spending the day on others. Learn each other’s favorites and share anecdotes. Learn about each other’s experiences and focus on introspection. A lot of doubts will get cleared. Today is a great day for bonding. So make the most of it. All is well.

Lucky color – white
Lucky numbers – 8, 18, 20, 33

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