Given below is today's, (Monday, May 16) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Libra & Capricorn zodiac combination.

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Your partner may have made certain terrible mistakes in regards to your relationship. You may feel annoyed at them but in your heart and at the back of your mind you feel like forgiving them. Today you must express this to them softly. All the bitterness will be wiped off in a second, after all if you are forgiving someone then forgive them in such a way which will no longer make them feel guilty.

You and your partner are quite different from each other. Despite of minor differences occasionally arising between the two of you, you two will form a very understanding and loving pair. This connection is bound to grow stronger with time so it was worth giving a chance.

You and your partner can decide to spend the day in reflecting about your life in the present, past and future. You are very clear in your motives and you expect the same from the opposite sex. You will thank God for endowing your life with a supportive and well wishing soul mate.

There is an air of caution around you which is not letting you free to be the way you are! You may take longer than usual to come to a conclusion.

Rather try to just focus on all the aspects of the relationship, but do not take any firm action at the moment. Better to defer it for later stages or better leave it on time.

Lucky colors: mauve, lime green and cyan.
Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 38, 45

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