Given below is today's, (Thursday, May 19) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Libra & Taurus zodiac combination.

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Your rather controlling nature is in for some serious setbacks today. For the first time you will begin to realize that some things are simply beyond your control, no matter how much you plan and prepare and falling in love is one of them. It is a scary sensation for you because you absolutely do not like this feeling of having your own happiness inextricably bound up with someone else’s.

But making yourself crazy with tensions that you cannot resolve is not of any use now. Your heart is not ready to listen to reason. For the first time, you have to listen to your heart and act according to your feelings instead of cool logic. This goes completely against your nature, but you cannot seem to help it. It is of no use to fight against this feeling. You need to realize that your life is ruled by love now, even if it does not leave you feeling all rosy and contented. Instead, you need to relax and take the time to appreciate what is happening to you.

While you may be feeling frazzled as love conquers all your logical thoughts your partner is very happy, contented and excited. Your partner is far better equipped emotionally to handle the sensation of falling in love and he / she is going to enjoy seeing you working out your emotions. Expect a lot of tenderness and support with a healthy dose of teasing today from your partner.

Lucky color: gold, tan, copper
Lucky number: 43, 2, 1

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