Yeah, we sing X’mas songs, make christmas cakes and puddings, have those fabulous roast dinners, and exchange a lot of gifts- but how much do we know about Christmas?

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I know many of you may be thinking – of course- you know the Bible and that Baby Jesus was born!

Still, I would like to tell you there are many Christmas related traditions that were born without much pomp and notice.

Today, we all follow these traditions sitting in various corners of the world, but are totally clueless of the real beginning of such a culture!

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Psst, Did you know that spiders were considered as a symbol of goodness and prosperity? Gross! But it’s true!

So, if I have nudged your curious nerve, maybe it is time that you scroll on and read these queer but super interesting facts that had formed the basis of Christmas Traditions at some point of history.

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# Xmas  Fact 1:

Did you know that Santa Claus was first known to the world through the Coco Cola Christmas Ads in 1920! The Coco Cola company chose this chirpy old man to see their sweet aerated drink named Coco Cola! History says that, they have a say in the dress code of Santa  (the red and white dress and cap). Previously he used to wear many colours like purple, green and also blue dresses!

# Xmas Fact 2:

Ever wondered what the Christmas colours signify on religious line? Red indicates blood of Christ, Gold shows the wealth, light and that the special one is born and finally green means life and rebirth 

# Xmas Fact 3:

Heard the Jingle Bells song? It was originally a Thanksgiving song created by a rebellious Songwriter James Pierpont!

# Xmas Fact 4:

Not sure if this is a fun natured myth, but spiders were considered to be a sign of prosperity! Why, if you ask? In Poland, legends say that it was a spider that had woven a special blanket to keep Baby Jesus warm.  

# Xmas Fact 5:

Almost 3 billion Christmas cards are sold and sent every year within USA alone!

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# Xmas Fact 6:

The First ever Christmas was celebrated on December 25th AD 336 by the first Christian Emperor Constantine .

# Xmas Fact 7:

Heard about the Glorious 12 days of Christmas song? This a famous Christmas carol of the 18th century sung by little British boys and girls. It started off as a memory game, but there is a history behind it. It has connections with the Christian Gospel and you can check it out here !

# Xmas Fact 8:

Hey! Santa Claus has an address North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada and you can wish him via a postcard! No Jokes, and you can even get a reply! It was a practice that the Canada Post kicked off about 34 years ago. The staff also answers to the posts that have a return address!

# Xmas Fact 9:

An average Italian Christmas dinner takes more 4 hours to complete. Sounds delicious! 

# Xmas Fact 10:

Did you know that the typical Slovakian meal starts off in the bathtub?

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# Xmas Fact 11:

The Most Preferred Xmas Toy Gift around the world is the Rubiks Cube and sells a $10 per piece!

# Xmas Fact 12:

Heard about Krampus ? A legendary half goat and half demon who gets out during Christmas in search of naughty children. Scary indeed! It started out with a mission to scare children into being nice kids during the Christmas time! It was just a myth, but nowadays, people dress in these rather beastly outfit and walk on the roads during the festive season.

# Xmas Fact 13:

Breakup Time!- Yup, 2 weeks before Xmas it has been noticed that many couple breakup!

# Xmas Fact 14:

Umm, was it a Plum cake or Raisin cake for Christmas in the past? Well, we all  make and even gift the so called ‘plum cakes’ for Christmas, but the truth is that there were no cakes that were made with plums back then and even now.  The truth was that Raisins were called Plums in the medieval times and that is from where we got the Christmas Plum Cake!

# Xmas Fact 15:

If you ask the old grannies of any household, they would say that the cake batter needs to be stirred gently in the East to West direction. Now, is that a ritual of belief? The story goes like this- since the three wise men went to visit Baby Jesus in this direction – so the stirring process also goes in the same pattern.

# Xmas Fact 16:

Christmas Trees of the 16th century, were not so fancy as we picture them now. If we decorate them with lustrous balls, and stars now, in the past these trees were decorated with edible fruits and nuts. Food was precious in those days, and it was during the Christmas season, people made sure that every ate their fill and even the guests who came to visit them.

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# Xmas Fact 17:

Ever wondered why gifts are exchanged during Christmas? Well, the Bible talks about the three Kings who went all the way from their home town with Gifts to meet the Saviour. It shows happiness and acceptance that the Child of God was born.

# Xmas Fact 18:

The First Santa Claus was St. Nicholas, was a more serious type of man and insisted on gifting children with fruits, nuts and toys. That is how children went on to place stockings near the chimney, as it is believed that the Saint comes through chimneys and visits children.

# Xmas Fact 19:

Can you imagine what the early Christmas dinners were made of? Instead of turkey, people served pig head with mustard.

# Xmas Fact 20:

Yeah, you may have about the traditonal Christmas Pudding? History shows that the first Christmas pudding were actually soups prepared out of wine and raisins. Heard about that before?

Hey, so this look like a bundle of Christmas facts and legendary stuff to chat around with your friends and family. Why don’t you try quizzing them and see if they know what you just read now! Try it and that sure is fun!