Christmas Eve is the one day that comes before Christmas. Officially, it is a day to be celebrated on the 24th December every year. 

It is considered a religious day, as people, animals and angels wait patiently for the birth of the Lord Jesus Jesus Christ.

On this day, people go for church masses and pray for the Lord’s blessings.

Christmas Eve 2023 is on December 24 Sunday

2 months and 29 days to go for the event

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Preparing for the Birth of Jesus Christ

The day is observed around the world and in most western countries it is also considered as a partial holiday- as people need to prepare for the grand Christmas day.

As per the Jewish traditions, the ritual of Christmas mass starts off in the evening prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. So, that is why the 24th night is considered extra special. It was believed that Jesus was born at midnight and hence such practices were followed.

To this day, the same beliefs exist and are followed religiously in many parts of the world.

On this day, people sing carols, light lamps and attend prayers to welcome the birth of the Saviour.

The Special Midnight Mass is the highlight of the church on Christmas Eve.

The Gift Day

Apart from the religious side, this day is believed to be the most hectic day for Santa Claus as he scurries around his reindeer to give the gifts to all.

Some of the famous legends claim that apart from Santa Claus, there was St. Nicholas who used to go and give the needy food and clothes in the form of lovely packages.

Other Christmas Eve Names

According to the Byzantine Rite, Christmas Eve is known by another name called the Paramony. This in simple words, is used to denote the Preparation before Christmas. 

In the Jewish culture, Christmas Eve is known as Nittel Nacht .

Eastern Church

It is declared as the last day of the fast period and on this day, people fast and observe in silence and prayers. According to the Byzantine Rite, the fast is broken only after the first star is seen in the evening sky. 

How is it celebrated?

In most places, people enjoy a meatless meal that may or may not include a lot of course. The meal will include bean soup, stuffed peppers, boiled wheat and a lot of dried fruits.

A famous Bulgarian beer drunk during this time is the olovina – which is made from rye.

Christmas Eve festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Thursday, 24th of December
2021Friday, 24th of December
2022Saturday, 24th of December
2023Sunday, 24th of December
2024Tuesday, 24th of December
2025Wednesday, 24th of December
2026Thursday, 24th of December
2027Friday, 24th of December
2028Sunday, 24th of December
2029Monday, 24th of December
2030Tuesday, 24th of December