The Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi is a holy fasting day that is observed on the ‘ekadashi’ (11th day) during the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of moon) in the ‘Bhadrapada’ month of the Vaishnava calendar. The ekadashi observance in the Vaishnava calendar may differ from that of the Vedic (lunar) calendar, however the rituals remain the same. For those following the Gregorian calendar, this date falls somewhere between the months of August to September. The Vaishnava calendar is mainly followed by Vaishnava Sampradaya and ISKCON temples all across the world. On the auspicious day of Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu and His consort, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped with full devotion.

There is no Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi in 2022

Rituals during Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi:

  • Devotees keep a fast on the day of Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi. They keep a strict fast without drinking or eating anything for a period of 24 hours, till the morning of ‘dwadashi’ (12th day). Fasting on the day of ekadashi is done to clean both the mind and body. Devotees on this day should also stay away from negative thoughts and actions.
  • The observer of Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi gets up at the time of sunrise and finishes off his daily rituals to begin worshipping Lord Vishnu. On any selected location, an idol of the lord is placed and a ‘kalash’ is also kept near the place of worship. Devotees begin chanting Vedic mantras and offer flowers, Tulsi leaves, fruits, dhoop and incense sticks to please Lord Vishnu. The observer of the vrat does not sleep during the night and instead sings devotional songs and bhajans of Lord Vishnu all night.
  • The day of Vaishnava Aja ekadashi is also auspicious for giving some form of donations to the poor and priests. Food, money, clothes or anything can be offered according to one’s economic capacity.

Significance of Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi:

The day of Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi is very important for Vaishnava followers in India as well as abroad. The greatness of this day is explicitly explained in many Hindu religious books and scriptures. It is believed that by fasting on Vaishnava Ekadashi day, devotees are freed from all their sins and ultimately gain freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Vaishnava Aja Ekadashi festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Tuesday, 27th of August
2028Thursday, 17th of August

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