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You have a slim athletic look and a well-toned chest..Awesome! You've got a Triangular or Triangle shaped body.

Finding the right fit may be a challenge for you as most men's clothing is designed with broader top and narrower waist. The key consideration will be to make your body appear proportionate and creating balance with your clothes.

Features of Triangle body:

  • Narrower Chest when compared to the hips
  • Heavier lower body when compared to the top
  • Sloping Shoulder lines
  • Weight is evenly distributed between the abdomen, chest and face

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  • Jeans with a little flare are excellent choices for your body type that conceal large thighs and balance out larger hips. One important thing is the fastenings on the jeans should be nice and neat in order to avoid any extra bulking.
  • Always wear darker denim and avoid light washed look jeans.
  • Faded jeans is also a good option but remember the faded portion is below the knee as anything above the knee will draw attention on that part.
  • Go for darker blues, greys, blacks and browns for a slimming effect and a classic denim jean style.
  • Avoid wearing baggy or ill-fitting clothing as they accentuate your lower body.
  • Never wear skinny or slimline jeans as the narrowness will only make your torso look rounder.


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  • Wear soft loosely fitting trouser for making your legs and torso appear fit and well-toned.
  • Skinny or heavily tapered trousers are your body hugging material as these widen the central area of the body.
  • Straight leg or chino styled trousers are perfect for your body shapes for a leaner and perfect look.
  • Never wear skinny or heavily tapered jeans/trousers to avoid making a focus on the central part of the body.
  • While selecting a pair of trousers, avoid pleats and fullness around the lower leg that creates the illusion of larger legs.
  • Darker color trouser, black dark grey and brown perfectly goes with your body shape.


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  • Always use shoulder pads that'll help bulk out your shoulders.
  • Right fitting top matters as tight ones will make shoulders to appear smaller and hips larger.
  • Always go for medium spread collar and a standard straight point collar when selecting a shirt.
  • Printed shirts and horizontal stripes make you look slimmer and draw attention to your upper body part.
  • Wearing light colored shirts or paler colors also accentuates your shoulder area and makes it look wider.
  • Always try to layer your tops to give an extra bulk needed up top.
  • Loosely fitted tops should be avoided too.
  • Avoid Polo shirts with narrow crew necks as they make shoulder appear narrow and accentuates the middle waistline.

Jackets and Suits

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  • Upper Torso is the main highlight in your body so choose athletic style jackets that have narrow body cuts and extra-large shoulder padding. Opt for shorter jackets that don't go beyond your hips.
  • Wear light colored jackets for creating a larger look illusion.
  • Go for tailored patterned jackets that emphasizes on your upper part and takes away the attention from your waist.
  • Jackets with well structured shoulders especially bomber jackets, structured jackets and slouchy jackets are good choices to show off your sloping fine shoulder line.
  • Vertical stripes jacket will give a more elongated look to your body frame
  • Single breasted jackets/suits are excellent coats that'll gives you a relaxed and slimmer look.
  • Avoid dark colors as that may slim out your body shape.
  • Avoid double-breasted jackets as they give you a 'bulky' appearance.

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