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A fully round shape with narrow shoulders and slim legs..You are an OVAL SHAPED BODY!

Features of Oval Body Shape:

  • Upper shoulders and arms are stronger.
  • Round belly
  • Legs are slimmer in comparison to the upper half
  • Fuller face and short neck

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  • Detailed prints or textured pieces in darker colors will flatter your body shape.
  • Vertical stripes and pinstripes to lengthen the body. These gives a elongated appearance to the specific area worn.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes that will the worn part appear rounder.
  • Use statement or brightly coloured belts to draw attention to your widest part.



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  • Jeans with wide leg patterns will balance the proportions between the upper half and lower half, but consider dark colours/denims and larger pockets on the bottom for an elongated and slimmer frame.
  • Medium- rise jeans are another great fashion and comfort booster for your body type.
  • Avoid boot cut and straight leg jeans as jeans flare will enhance your frame.
  • Avoid tucking in or buttoning the jeans to prevent any bulk appearance around your stomach.
  • Low rise jeans are not ideal too as they may fit tightly around your stomach making it more uncomfortable.


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  • Always go for fit clothes or loosely tapered trousers especially around trouser legs and sleeves, as loose ones will make the limbs appear smaller.
  • Midriff in the pant ought to become free and never belted so tight that it squeezes and wrinkles.
  • Ensure that the trousers fabric isn’t to heavy and the trouser cut isn’t too tight.
  • Casual trouser with light fabrics provides a good drape to and gives you a figure hugging look.
  • Formal trouser having flat front works best for your shape to disguise the extra weight around the tummy.


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  • V neck shaped top with long sleeves will create a slimmer silhouette illusion.
  • Avoid tight and baggy shirts that may accentuate your stomach area and ensure that the tops doesn't hug you too tightly.
  • Top with smaller prints is still a better option for a well-toned look.
  • Avoid turtle neck tops to avoid any attention on the shoulders and arms.
  • Avoid tops with large prints to avoid any attention to your larger mid-drift.


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  • Cowl necks, polo shirts, or wide crew necks are great choices for your body type.
  • While selecting shirts always check the neck size and the arm length. Go for full fitting ones. Shirts that doesn't fit will make you look dull and uncomfortable.
  • Collar of the shirts should be standard collars or button down to give you a round elongated face.
  • Vertical stripes will give you elongated look..
  • Try to wear same color shirts and pants that'll give you a slimmer frame.
  • Darker colors will do more good for your body shape.
  • Avoid contrasting colors that may shed light on your middle tummy.
  • Avoid average spread and widely spread collars.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes that draws attention on your frame and size.


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  • Single-breasted, long parka jackets are good choices for your body type.
  • Sport jackets with patterns or textures are excellent fit too.
  • Always stick to dark colors and that stays below your waist to mid-thigh that help to elongate your appearance.
  • Avoid blazers with pads on the shoulders.
  • Fittted suits with light and soft fabrics to conceal the bulk on your body frame. Avoid heavy fabrics.
  • Single vented jacket with vents at the back are another ideal fit that avoids drawing too much attention to the back of your body.
  • Dark colors will give you a slimmer look. Try dark navy blue or black suits.
  • Suits with two buttons are modern and fashionable options and won't draw attention to your middle part.

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