A woman looks feminine and beautiful depending on two factors:

One is the way she carries herself- her physique, her skin and body.

Second is the way she maintains her hair- those luscious locks of hair can transform any lady into a damsel.

Whether you have a short peppy haircut or whether you like to flaunt those straight silky strands of hair, we have a stock of real proven hair care treatments and diets that could help you a lot.

Few things you need to keep in mind while looking after your hair:

  1. Identify what type of hair it is- soft, rough, silky, straight, curly etc.
  2. Check if your scalp is dry or oily- if so, the treatments for both are different
  3. Check if you hair ends are split and dry or neatly maintained
  4. Does your scalp have dry patches and do you suffer from scaly skin?
  5. Keep a check on your diet, as it forms a foundation of any hair type.

A general note to all our lovable readers: Cut the myth that hair cannot be improved once destroyed. A basic diet of any person should include fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk and last – a regular massage of your scalp to keep it moistened and fresh always will give you good results.

So, all that you need is the mind and patience to look after your hair. Also, keep in mind, this is a continual treatment, so don’t expect miracles to happen overnight.

Be consistent with your treatment and you can be sure to reap the beautiful results in no time.

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