Did you experience a recent sweaty condition whereby you felt like fainting or collapsing? If you have, then that will give you an idea of what menopause is all about. 

When women reach their mid life, they will enter a physical state called menopause. It is a normal condition whereby the woman will stop having her menstrual periods. This could begin differently for different women. 

Generally it will take place between an age of 45 to 55. Mostly, this is a natural process, but the woman has any other related diseases like infections, tumours or cancer related problems, then the phase of menopause will be induced into the woman’s life cycle.

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Now, many women may not even realize when this medical issue comes by. They may be suffering a lot of symptoms and just keep quiet about it. So, that is why you need to know all about menopause and its symptoms and cures.

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Hope you had taken a look at the Symptoms and read about what happens during menopause.

Now, further on, we would like to explain the Cures for the same. Of course, if you go to the doctor, they would immediately initiate a hormone therapy so that all your hormones are balanced and it would slow down the aging process.

Hormone Therapy does work but we would not approve if it, because all these types of medications will contribute their share of side effects. So, why do you wnat ot knowlingly destroy the quality of your body?

Switch to Natural

When the world itself is abundantly rich with natural ingredients that can cure, stabilise and help to ease the problems in our body- it is always a wise idea to use those natural remedies.

At this point, please remember that natural remedies do take their share of time to adjust and seep into the body. But we assure that the wait is really worthwhile.

An Insight into Natural Remedies for Menopause

Keep in mind:

  • Always try any remedy whether natural or allopathic or any over the counter medicines in the morning, so that the body gets to let you know if it can tolerate the medicine and if it is actually working for the body.
  • Test the remedies for a couple of times, say for a month or so, to see if it is effective for the body. No natural treatment is the game of the magic wand, so dont expect immediate results.
  • It takes time between 2 weeks to 1 month to show up.
  • Last study the changes that happen in your body. Ask yourself: Do i feel better or worse? Is there any internal discomfort?
  • Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind of all the allergies you may have experienced in the past. Do monitor your intake of medicines after understanding if there are any allergens in them.

Home Remedies for your use

Here are some home remedies which can be used to treat the various symptoms of menopause:

Hot Flash Remedy: Women generally suffer hot flashes and these can be very uncomfortable. 

1. Black cohosh:

So, for this, in the past the only remedy to take 20 mg of the herb Black cohosh daily. But over the years, it has shown signs of causing liver damage and so women were on the search for alternatives.

2. Flaxseed Lignans:

It helps control hot flashes: These are the new home remedy for women who suffer from hot flashes. Apart from the bring a control on the hormones, they add fiberm omega 3 fatty acids, and also boost human estrogen into the woman’s body.

Also, research has proved that these Lignans have the power to reduce triglyceride levels and also the bad cholesterol content in our body. About 2 tablespoons per day will be enough to keep such issues under control everyday.

3. Reduce Coffee:

Coffee will keep wide awake during the day and that is the best dose to lift your dull moods up. But at the same time, it can stimulate all the hormones that create hot flashes. You can enjoy about 2 cups of coffee everyday, buy it is not recommended to have anything more than that.

4. Fitness Exercises:

If you do yoga, it will help to reduce the intensity of hot flashes in the body, Just like it has the power to reduce menstrual pains, it can put a control on hot flashes as well.

5. Cigarettes:

Quit smoking is the simple advice we can offer you. The nicotine content stimulates various emotions in the body and thereby instigates the frequent incidents of hot flashes.

6. Diets:

Have fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Try to enjoy more whole foods that are fibrous and contain less or no preservatives.

7. Water:

As the body gets dry, you need to replenish it. Plus, hot flashes will automatically raise the temperature of the body. So, drink enough water to cool the body temperature.

8. Lifestyle:

Use loose fitting clothes that are easy to wear and adjust. Also, try to bring simple cotton clothes, loose pants and shirts into your attire.

9. Avoid Outdoors:

Try to stay away from the whole sunny days, so that your body remains cool and refreshed.

10. Stress :

Stress is a partner to all our lives. We need to think of ways to cope with stress. For that, sleep is a very good home remedy. Listening to music, reading books, and even enjoying a glass of warm milk before sleep will help your body to get some rest.

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 Looking for home remedies? Have you ever felt uncomfortable because of hot flashes or even night sweats? Not to worry, learn how to cool your mind and body with home remedies for menopause.