First thing to remember is that, you need to talk to your dear ones and any doctors whom you know- when you face any difference in your body. Never wait or sit in ignorance- because the symptoms could worsen and you could suffer a lot.

What are symptoms and normal solutions for menopause?

This is one of the most common health issues faced by women these and it is a must that you have the information on how to cope up with menopause.

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The Mood Swings

Does your mood keep changing? After 45, women tend to experience an uncontrollable switch in their moods, and emotions. Many women have faced this issue and keep wondering how to cope up with this problem.

What happens here?

  • There is a phase in middle aged women where they are not able to control their sadness, anger, frustrations, and such similar feelings. There will be situations whereby they keep wondering up- why they are getting mad at everyone or even the reason for getting upset.
  • Sometimes, there would not be any substantial reason for getting mentally upset, but that is when you need to remind yourself – that this is a symptom of menopause.

Commonly noticed symptoms

Getting irritated, feeling exhausted and tired even after not doing much work, stressed out, muscles and body feels weak, blue moods seem to hover around you and you feel anxious over petty matters.

Fret not, because this is normal for all middle aged women. 

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What can console the mood swings?

A few remedies that you can do to soothe your minds and body:

  • When you feel upset,  first you must understand- your body is indicating that it needs some peace and rest.
  • So, go for a quiet walk, a long warm bath, do some calm breathing exercises, have an oil massage, drink lots of water, and enjoy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • There are a lot of over the counter medicines like vitamin B6 and even St.John’s Wort medicine, and these are said to be good for controlling moods.
  • But we advice that you first should consult your medical practitioner- as they will prescribe medications that suit your body, and also will pay heed to any allergies you may have had in the past.
  • Doctors often give their patients certain anti-depressants as these prove to correct the hormonal imbalance.

Urinary Incontinence

Are you experiencing an uncontrolled loss of some urine? If you are, we understand how annoying that feeling of not able to hold the urine is. This is called urinary incontinence and regarded as another symptom of menopause.

What happens here?

When you sneeze, there may be instances that you involuntarily pass urine. Also, as you age, there may be situations that the urinary bladder is full and you cannot hold the urine like you used to do before.

How do you cure urinary incontinence?

  • In medical terms, there are a lot of surgeries that can strengthen the urinary muscles and helps to control the urine flow.
  • Also, if you ask your medical practitioner, they would give you other medical advice for the same.
  • Next, is that, research has shown that doing Kegel exercises are extremely useful for middle aged women. This is one type of exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor area.

All these tips will help to reduce the episodes related to incontinence.

These are just a few symptoms for you to understand what a woman undergoes during menopause.Many a time, we have noticed that the body ailments that women suffer are out to sleep quietly. But the reality is that, all dieases, ailments can be cured. For this you need the knowledge and experts who can guide through this painful ordeal. Think that we are right beside you and always happy to guide you in this regard.

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