You must have already read about the other symptoms of menopause like urinary incontinence and mood swings. But that's not all. Below we have listed other symptoms that are faced by many middle aged women.

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Apart from the inability to control the flow of urine or even feeling irritable, there are quite a handful of problems that a woman faces when she enters menopause.

Here we wish to discuss about three other problems namely: Night Sweats, Sexual Issues and Lack of Proper Sleep.

These may seem like common ailments, but take note that the way in which a woman suffers is a whole lot different from the rest.

Three things you need keep in mind while addressing the Menopause phase of life:

  • Do not panic: Keep in mind that all body ailments can be solved if you are patient and ready to understand how to tackle the issue.
  • Talk to Medical practitioners: It is true that none of us are experts in all dimensions of life, medicine, and sufferings. So, whenever you feel any discomfort, it is advisable that you pay a visit to your family doctor. They would have known you for long, understood your allergies, age, genetic problems and therefore; will be pose to have an upper hand at prescribing medicines in a better manner.
  • Accomodate these changes: Our minds can be compared to a child. A child will keep on displaying tantrum signs until and unless they are convinced of a fact in their life. They obey when they see no hope in making a tantrum. Similarly, Our brains will not adjust to any new change in our body initially.

Soon, after a short period of time, it will learn to adjust to the new changes in our physical body and hence help the rest of the body to tolerate the changes. So, practically overtime, such night sweats, palpitations can be handled better.

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Night Sweats

Do you feel like fainting and very hot and sweaty at night? It could be a cool day, and still you would be drenched in sweat. That is how night sweats feel like.

It is another version of hot flashes only. Hot flashes happen at any time of the day whereas night sweats happen only at night. The experience is the same and most often it comes suddenly without any prior notice,

The feeling is definitely not comfortable and so learn how to cope up with it during the night.

How can we deal with Night Sweats?

Wear light cotton clothes

Keep cold water near your bedside, so a sip of cool water can bring down the elevating temperatures within you.

Drink milk before you go to bed. It cools the body and also helps you get a smooth sleep.

If you begin to feel hot, try placing a cold pack under your feet.

Sexual Issues

Experiencing pain during sex? Then, it is better you get yourself an appointment to the doctor as it could be a warning sign of menopause. Notice these symptoms?

Dryness in vagina, pain while having sex, not easily stimulated like before, and most of all, you may having a lack of interest in being intimate with your partner.

A cure to such sexual issues

Self Stimulation: Try to massage and stimulate your senses yourself so that the blood flow increases in the vaginal area and helps bring the hormonal balance to a certain extent.

Moisturise: Once a woman nears the stage of menopause, the normal hormonal secretions will reduce thus making the vagina very dry,. This could make sex an uncomfortable experience and it could end up being painful as well. So, to reduce the friction, you can always avail over the counter creams and moisteners that help to keep the vagina  soft and supple.

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Lack of Adequate Sleep

Tossing, turning, not feeling good inside, not able to sleep at a stretch, keep getting up and going to the loo are some of the problems faced by those who do not have a satisfied full night sleep.

A few tips can help to sweeten those sleeping hours:

  • Sleep regularly at a certain time
  • Keep lights off during the night
  • Do not clutter the bedroom with lots of things
  • Do not have alcohol or caffeine late in the evening
  • Eat your dinner early and then sleep after 3 hours.
  • If you are feeling sleepy, read or book or listen to some soothing music and feel calm within.

These are the most common symptoms noticed in people who approach menopause and also those who are suffering it. Take time to understand your body, be calm and deal with in the best way you feel is good.

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 As we age, hormones can alter and this can truly depress our minds thoughts and body. For women, this is the beginning phase of menopause.