Age is a big factor we cannot ignore and often we all suffer body ailments as we age. So, is Menopause, and it is a part of life. But the positive side is that there is a solution for everything under the sun. As long medical research continues to reign through our lives, we will get medicines for every possible disease.

Likewise, the earth is bestowed with a lot of plants, herbs, medicinal extracts, and healthy fats much more to give us that natural recovery into normal life. 

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This topic dwells around three basic aspects. These are common questions that have been asked by viewers from around the world and hence we have given a list of home remedies for the same:

How can you restore estrogen levels of a woman in a slow, yet natural manner?
Are there home remedies for reducing vaginal dryness?
And, last of course, can anyone relieve mood swings just with easy to do home remedies?

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So, let’s check out each topic one by one. Read below to know more:

Soy Products and Estrogen:

Research shows that soy products help to increase the level of estrogen in the body. 

Soy Milk Products:

In one study by Melby of the University of Delaware, it was found that ingesting 54 mg of soy isoflavones daily for six weeks reduced the frequency of hot flashes by 20% and severity of the hot flashes by 26%. So, eating tofu and soy milk can help you deal with this problem.

Dairy Products supports Bone health: 

As women age, the amount of calcium present in the bones seem to sink down. This is a very dangerous situation because the women are at a greater risk of:

  • Breaking bones when they run into something hard
  • Have a risk of fractures always
  • Plus, since the calcium level is low, the bone density reduces drastically and therefore recovery from accidents could become painful, never ending and will make the person sit idle for long periods of time. That, as you can imagine will make them unhealthy due to lack of exercise.

Solution to improve bone health

  • Eat plenty of low fat dairy products like cottage cheese, low fat yoghurt and skimmed milk to keep your body supplied with plenty of calcium. This prevents bone degeneration and joint pains.
  • Natural Oils and Vaginal Dryness: This is a normal condition for women as they age. This could lead to a lot of other problems later in life. So, try to cure it with natural home remedies.

Homemade Vaginal Lotions:

Make a vaginal lotion to reduce the dryness and itching of the vagina. Mix 1 oz of almond oil with a few drops of geranium essential oil and 1000 IU of vitamin E and apply it inside and outside the vagina.

Home Remedy for Mood Swings:

Who likes to interact with grumpy and moody people? Of course, there are grumpy men, and women; but when a woman enters menopause- she can have mood swings that are beyond her control. So, how is that tackled?

Omega 3 fatty acid:

Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid. This essential fat helps to improve mood swing problems. Cutting down on alcohol and spicy foods also help to counteract the discomforts of menopause.

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 Menopause is a time when your skin wrinkles quickly, bones turn brittle, and top it all a lady feels helpless and yet infuriated with her horrible mood swings! So, is there a natural remedy for this?