Ever felt the need to know about menopause? We'll help you!

It is a stage when women have reached the edge of their reproductive age and are producing towards old age. This is a very natural process for most women and can be handled in a calm and composed manner. 

But if you are not aware of the various symptoms and remedies for menopause, then you could tensed on how to handle the same. This why we have prepared an elaborate section on menopause.

All About Menopause

This is a stage in the life of women when they experience the last menstrual period. 

A simple symptom to look for:

If the lady has missed her periods for 12 months continuously, without no explainable reason- then this could be the preliminary signs of menopause.

What goes on inside the body?

During menopause, the person will suffer from low levels of estrogen and even a lot of other hormones.  Having said this, such changes may not be the same for all women. It could vary from person to person depends on genetics, diseases, and otehr factors.

Commonly Noticed in Menopause

Natural Menopause:

Age: A woman will experience the changes in her body before the real menstrual periods stops.

Mostly women between 40 and 60 will experience natural menopause. The average age is around 55 years of age.

Induced Menopause:

Surgery: This happens if you surgically remove your ovaries or have done some surgical procedures to your reproductive system. Here since the person has artificially induced a sudden stop to the menstrual cycles this is termed as Induced menopause.

Lifestyles: If your lifestyle includes a lot of drinking, smoking and even drugs, then that could alter and bring an imbalance in your hormonal systems. So, this will naturally alter the natural cycle of periods. This is also because a lot of toxins are flooding into the body system and these are detrimental to the body.

What will I feel when I get menopause?

As mentioned before, each woman will experience a few different and maybe unheard symptoms- but overall, we have listed the commonly suffered symptoms.

Night Sweats:

  • Have you suddenly got up from your sleep only to find yourself that you are completely drenched in sweat? This should not be after having a horrid dream session or because the air condition is not working properly.
  • If you have felt that you have sweated and this has woken you up right in the middle of the night; then that is what is called ‘night sweats’.
  • The true reason behind this is not known yet, but it has been noticed only once women reach a phase of menopause only.

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Hot Flashes:

  • Another commonly felt symptom is the hot flash session. It is similar to the night sweats, but just that it is restrained to coming only at night. It will happen at any time !
  • Such flashes causes a lot of discomfort. Women feel like fainting, vomiting, and even fast heart beat rates. They cannot control or accommodate these quick body changes. 
  • Such flashes last for a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 7 minutes.
  • After a session of a hot flash, it usually ends with a slightly cold chill. This body temperature variation can resemble a feel of when you are about to faint and then when you feel a coolness around your body- as you recover from the fainting sensations.

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Vaginal Dryness:

  • Another name by which this problem is known is the vaginal atrophy. 
  • This means that the vagina will begin to experience the thinning of vaginal walls and also drying of the inner walls of the vagina.
  • A person will know if it is dry if they feel the or soreness during sex sessions. Of course, you can use lubricants and other creams to reduce the pain and still enjoy life to a certain extent. 

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