Never worry or panic when you face a medical issue. Instead, read and make yourself knowledgable. No one will understand your body better than you, so take time, to read what medical research has found out for you.

Below are listed a whole lot of diseases or body ailments that affect a woman who is entering into the stage of menopause. 

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During a recent research conducted in ECCO- European Cancer Organization, it was found out that premenopausal ladies who underwent breast cancer treatments had a better chance of survival than their counterparts. This means those who were in the menopause stage and underwent chemotherapy had lesser chances of recovery and survival.

Also, this type of treatment is known as dose dense chemotherapy. Medical researchers also point out that when a woman is undergoing such a treatment- they are not at a risk of getting an early induced menopause stage.


As per the American Headache Society, the researchers presented a paper stating that headaches are common in almost people. But in the case of women, a small variation was noticed. When women gets migraines- they tend to suffer harsh headaches during their menopause and perimenopause stages rather than their pre-menopause stage.

It was observed that in the pre-menopause stage, the headaches and the periods are also relatively regular. During the perimenopause and the menopause transition phases, the periods tend to become irregular  and finally at menopause, the periods will come to a halt.

Effects on Learning

When it comes to the art of learning a new piece of fact or course or possibly anything, this is going to harder for women who are on the brink of reaching the first steps of menopause. 

For a research conducted in the American Academy of Neurology about 2362 ladies within the age group of 40-55 were considered. They had to undergo three different tests which included working memory, verbal memory and processing speed memory test.

Among these tests, they found that more than 60% of the women had difficulty in going through these three tests. Apart they found that women menopause stages can be divided into 4 stages like:

Premenopausal – regular periods

Early Perimenopausal- slightly irregular but they all menstrual periods gaps are less than 3 months

Perimenopausal- they will not have periods between 3- to almost 11 months

Post Menopausal- A stage whereby no periods will be noticed.

In all the cases, women said it was easier to remember things like names, faces, facts, places, and so on during the pre-menopause stage  and the post menopausal stage rather than the other two stages.

Reason for this change:

As per the research findings: the level of estrogen hormones in a woman’s body can control the way she concentrates on certain things, how well she can remember different facts, and also how well the brain can comprehend and process the things that the sensory organs of the person observes.


So, what is insomnia?

Simple, but stressful, it is the inability of a person to gain a full night of peaceful sleep.

Next, what’s the relation between menopause and insomnia?

There are so many women around the world who are deprived of sleep. And it is a known that they mostly suffer from the problem of insomnia. But, if we try to find the cause, then probably a solution for the same can be found.

As per research conducted in Endocrine Society, the following observations were listed were presented:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles: These cycles once irregular, can bring a drastic change on hormone levels, moods, muscle pains and thereby will indirectly affect the slumber of a person.
  • Before menopause: It is prior to the actual onset of menopause, that the hormone fluctuations are most rapidly noticed. As women experience more hot flashes, the rate at which hormones switch is very fast, thereby making sleep a messy affair. 
  • Once menopause has set in, then the body will have lesser occurrences of hot flashes- which is why sleep is a little bit better.


As women enter perimenopause, they start gaining weight slowly and this was found to be another reason for disturbed sleep.  


Mood swings are a part and parcel of menopause. So, is there a home remedy or rather a quick workable solution for this?

In one of the researches done in Virginia Commonwealth University, the students and medial researchers came to a solution that if a woman has antidepressants- it could bring a small relief to the depression issues faced by women.

The reason behind this being that the medicines create a small control in the manner in which hormones are functioning and thereby tries to calm the brain from creating negative emotions.

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Prolonged Bleeding

As a woman reaches her last stage of menopause, she will have irregular periods. But at the time of menstrual periods, it will heavy and prolonged for long time. 

The worst issue is that such periods are not predictable as it used to happen in the past. But doctors advise that once a woman reaches her 40s , the periods cannot be predicted. So, do not think this is a problem. 

Prolonged bleeding could go up to 10 days or more even. In some cases, due to hereditary, climate, genetics, or any other health problems, women have reported to have uterine fibroids.

Estrogen controls the brain

If your brain processes sounds and sights well today, it is because your estrogen levels in the body are stable. 

So, when women entering their menopause stage or are already into it, do suffer from sensory issues, you must understand that- one of the factors could be the level of estrogen could be low.

Estrogen does have a role to play while sending auditory signals to the brain, so when it gets weak, normally that function will also get affected. 

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Obesity and Breast Tumour

It is true that most women store in a lot of fat once they enter the stage of menopause. Even more surprising is that, is the habit of overeating is ot put under control or if obesity is not checked regularly and controlled, then this will develop into breast tumour growth.

So, now research use this symptom of getting overweight to diagnose whether a woman has the possibility of being caught under the wing of cancer and breast tumours.

Disc Degeneration

Another big defect of low levels of estrogen is weakened bones, less production of calcium, and worst of all the disc will get degenerated. So, then this will become a painful affair and such women are more prone to fractures,  and also the slow degeneration of the lumbar spine.

Blood Vessel Health

This good news for all women who have reached the menopause stage. During menopause and even prior to that, had a fair level of stable and good blood vessel health. 

This report was gathered after comparing women who were physically fit and did a lot of exercises during the menopause stage and with women who hardly did any exercise. Such physically active women had blood vessel that dilated fast and also this proved to ope  anew risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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 Whether you are having hot flashes or mood swings, or even obesity, there is a reason behind it, according to Medical Research. So, read further to know about menopause.