Pregnancy is a magical time in its own right for women but once the baby is born, their rapid evolution will continue to amaze and surprise you each and every day. From holding the baby the very first time to naming your baby and seeing your baby take the first steps, the first year will be full of milestones. Some of the astounding things that happen to your baby in the first year:

1. One of the amazing things is your baby's brain tends to grow with your love and affection, and the fact is scientifically proven!. Not only that, "Baby talk" helps your child's development. 

2. Babies spend half of their sleeping hours in REM sleep, which is just 25 percent in adults. Rapid Eye Movement(REM) is a part of sleep when we see dreams. 

3. Wandering eyes may connect!Your baby will be able to make direct eye contact with you in about six weeks.  

4. Catch the smile!You will get to see your baby's first "real" smile between four and six weeks. 

5. Actual teardrops of newborns will come only between 1 to 3 months of age. 

6. Most newborns will lose all of the hair by three to four months of age. 

7. Babies become double their birth weight within the first five months of life. 

8. Say hello!They will start to read your lips after about six months. 

9. Babies are born without kneecaps and they only develop after six months.

10. They grow up so fast!An average growth of one to one and a half inches every month. 

11. A welcome sight!In about six to 12 months, the pigment called melanin in your baby's eyes is activated, which results in permanent eye color. 

12. Your baby can breathe and swallow at the same time until around seven months. 

13. Approximately half of the 10,000 taste buds of newborns will disappear after 9 months. 

14. Your baby would have probably understood almost 70 words by the time he/she turns one. Not only that, babies' brains will be able to perceive music before they're able to understand words. 

15. Better stock up on those diapers! Newborn urinates about every 20 minutes and the frequency decreases to approximately every hour by six months. 

16. Heart rate will drop to 115 times per minute from beating 180 times per minute in the first year. 

17. Baby will most probably wave by the end of nine months. 

18. Baby's brain will reach 60 percent of its adult size by his or her first birthday.

Life definitely changes as you start to see things through the eyes of your baby. Enjoy this phase!