The list of Christian names below is a compilation of names from the Bible, names of Christian Saints, names of righteous characters in plays and stories of Christian background.

3816 Christian boy names and 4422 Christian girl baby names along with meaning to help you find the best name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Shortlist
Aabel It means 'breath' and signifies the breath of God Boy
Aadan Of the earth Boy
Aaden One who is fiery ; little fire Unisex
Aadhavan   Boy
Aadne It means the child is sharp as an eagle Boy
Aadrian A man from hadria Boy
Aaidan A fiery young man Boy
Aaiden A fiery young man Boy
Aaidyn A fiery young man Boy
Aaliyah Moving up, Highest, Most exalted one Girl
Aamanda One who is much loved Girl
Aamani One who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams Girl
Aamari Having great strength ; a builder Unisex
Aamber Resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color Girl
Aamiya Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright Girl
Aana A woman graced with god Girl
Aanantha Raj   Boy
Aani   Girl
Aanya A woman graced with god Girl
Aari IT is a Christian name that means Mountain of Strength Boy
Aaria A beautiful melody Girl
Aariana Resembling silver / one who is holy Girl
Aarianna Resembling silver / one who is holy Girl
Aaric Rule with mercy Boy
Aariel A lion of god Girl
Aarielle A lion of god Girl
Aaronn One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength Boy
Aarookiya nathan   Boy
Aarookiya nayagi   Girl
Aarookiya Raj   Boy
Aarookiya sami   Boy
Aarron One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength Boy
Aaseervatham   Boy
Aasia Resurrection / the rising sun ; in the koran Girl
Aathma nathan   Boy
Aathma Raj   Boy
Aava Bird/ from the water Girl
Aaydan A fiery young man Boy
Aayden A fiery young man Unisex
Aayla From the oak tree Girl
Abaddon Knows God Boy
Abana Constant Girl
Abasalom Son of king david Boy
Abba Father, Free like a bird Unisex
Abbe He Is the Leader of a Catholic Abbey Boy
Abbi Great Girl
Abbie Variation: abbey Unisex
Abbigail The source of a father Unisex
Abbigale The source of a father Girl
Abby Happy Girl

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