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Name Meaning
Aaliyah High exalted, to ascend
Aamanda One who is much loved
Aamani One who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams
Aamber Resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color
Aamiya Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright
Aana A woman graced with god
Aanya A woman graced with god
Aaria A beautiful melody
Aariana Resembling silver / one who is holy
Aarianna Resembling silver / one who is holy
Aariel A lion of god
Aarielle A lion of god
Aasia Resurrection / the rising sun ; in the koran
Aava Bird/ from the water
Aayla From the oak tree
Abbigale The source of a father
Abeetha It is a name that means gazelle
Abiah In Hebrew, it means 'My Father is Lord'
Abigail In Hebrew, it means 'Gives joy, my father rejoices'.
Abira Strong
Abiya Hebrew form of Abijah meaning "Yahweh is my father"
Abrianna Mother of many nations
Acacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle
Accacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle
Achazia The lord holds
Ada Prosperous; happy
Adah A form of ada
Adalia Just, noble one
Adallyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Adalyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Adalynn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Adamina Daughter of the earth
Adda Ornament ; beautiful addition to the family
Addalyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Addalynn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Addeline Noble kind , adorned
Addison  In English, it means  'Son of Adam'
Addriana Dark
Addrianna Dark
Addyson A form of addison
Adela A short form of adelaide
Adelaide Noble kind, adorned
Adele A short form of adelaide
Adelee Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor
Adelina A form of adeline
Adeline A form of adelaide
Adelle A form of adelaide, adeline
Adena Delicate, sensual
Aderes One who protects
Adie Ornament
Adilene A form of adeline
Adilenne Noble
Adin Beautiful, adorned
Adina Voluptous
Adine Delicate
Adria A form of adriana, adrienne
Adriane A form of adrienne
Adrianne A form of adrienne
Adrien A form of adrienne
Adriene A form of adrienne
Adrina A short form of adriana
Adyson A form of addison
Afton From afton england
Agate A semiprecious stone
Agatha Good
Agnes Pure
Ahava Name of a river, love
Aida A form of ada
Ailish Consecrated to god ailsa - concecrated to god
Aimee It is  French name that means beloved
Airiana A form of ariana
Aislinn A dream or vision ; an inspiration
Aiyana Eternal blossom
Aiyanna Eternal blossom
Aizza Life
Akasha Open air
Akiva Protect
Alaana Peace and serenity
Alainna Attractive
Alanii As the orange tree
Alannah Rock
Alanni As the orange tree
Alayna Rock
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