161 Christian names starting with the alphabet "V". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with V.

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Name Gender Meaning
Vail Boy Valley
Vaitafe Boy A fountain of living water
Val Unisex One who is strong and healthy
Valarie Girl To be healthy
Vale Unisex Valley
Valencia Unisex One who is powerful ; strong ; from the city of valencia
Valentim Boy One who is strong and healthy.
Valentin Boy Healthy
Valentina Unisex One who is vigorous and healthy
Valentine Unisex One who is strong and healthy
Valentinna Girl One who is vigorous and healthy
Valentino Boy Healthy
Valeria Unisex To be healthy
Valerie Girl  
Valerijs Boy One who possess great courage and valiant.
Valery Unisex To be healthy
Valle Girl From the glen
Valorie Girl To be healthy
Valsala Girl  
Valter Boy The name is the Estonian form of Walter, meaning 'ruler of the army'.
Valters Boy One who is a ruler or warrior.
Van Unisex God is gracious
Vance Boy Thresher
Vandhana Girl  
Vandna Girl  
Vanea Girl A precious blessing from the Almighty
Vanessa Girl Greek name meaning butterfly
Vanetta Girl A form of vanessa
Vanitha Girl  
Vanity Girl Vain
Vann Unisex Generally a prefix to a surname (from the family of) , but also used as a first name
Vanna Unisex She who sifts
Vannah Girl God is gracious
Vanshika Girl  
Varda Girl Rose
Vargheese Boy  
Varghese Boy The name is Greek variant of the name Georgios, meaning 'one who is related to earth'.
Varina Girl Thorn
Varkey Boy  
Varnitha Girl  
Varsha Girl  
Varshini Girl  
Varughese Boy  
Vasantha Girl  
Vaschel Boy Little ash tree
Vasilica Boy The name comes from the Romanian word Vasile, meaning king.
Vasilii Boy One who leads;
Vasudha Girl  
Vasyklo Boy A honest and noble person
Vaughan Unisex Small
Vaughn Unisex Small
Vauquelin Boy One who is exotic and out of ordinary
Veda Girl  
Vedrana Girl Cheerful and high-spirited 
Veera Girl Brave
Vekoslav Boy Eternal glory
Velimir Boy One who has great peace
Velvet Girl Velvety
Venus Girl Venus was the Goddess of love and sensuality
Vera Girl Truth veronica - genuine image
Vered Boy Rose victor - winner
Vern Unisex From the alder-tree grove
Verna Girl Latin baby name that means 'born in the spring'
Vernon Unisex From the alder-tree grove
Veronica Unisex Displaying her true image
Veronnica Girl Displaying her true image
Verronica Girl Displaying her true image
Veselka Girl One is cheerful and full of life.
Vesna Girl Spring, resurrection
Vespera Girl The evening star. A variant of Vesper.
Viatrix Girl Voyager through life
Vibin Boy  
Vic Boy Victor
Vicente Boy One who prevails ; the conquerer
Vicenzu Boy The name is a variant of Vincentius,meaning 'to conquer'.
Vick Unisex Victor
Vicki Unisex Conqueror ; victory
Vickie Unisex Conqueror ; victory
Vickii Girl Variation: vicky
Vickki Girl Variation: vicky
Vicky Unisex Conqueror ; victory
Victor Boy In Latin, it means 'victory'.
Victoria Girl The royal name of Latin origin means 'victory'.
Victorria Girl Victorious woman ; winner ; conqueror
Vidette Girl The beloved
Vidhya Girl  
Vigora Girl Feminine form of Vigor, meaning strength and power.
Vijesh Boy  
Viji Boy  
Vijil Boy  
Vijith Boy  
Vikki Girl Conqueror ; victory
Viktor Boy Victor
Viktoria Girl Conqueror ; victory
Vilis Boy One who is determined
Vina Girl  
Vinca Boy One who is exalted
Vince Boy A short form of vincent
Vincenc Boy A mighty conqueror
Vincent Boy To occupy
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