568 Christian names starting with the alphabet "B". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with B.

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Name Gender Meaning
Babasolaf Boy Father's property has been inherited
Babatunji Boy My father returns
Babin Boy  
Babis Boy Analytical person from the legends
Babitha Girl  
Baby Unisex Baby
Badada Boy Person with a big heart
Badrick Boy Axe ruler
Bail Boy A form of vail
Bailee Girl A form of bailey
Baileigh Girl A form of bailey
Bailey Girl Bailiff
Baili Girl A form of bailey
Bailie Girl A form of bailey
Bailley Girl From the courtyard within castle walls ; a public official
Baillie Girl A form of bailey
Baily Girl A form of bailey
Baishakhi Girl  
Baker Boy Baker
Balaraju Boy  
Baleigh Girl A form of bailey
Baltasar Boy God or lord protect the king
Balthasar Boy One of the three wise men
Bambi Girl Little girl
Banagher Boy It means a Pointed Hill
Banaing Boy The slayer's son
Bancrofft Boy A field rich of pasture
Bancroft Boy Pasture filled land
Band Boy It means a hill covered with broom
Bani Boy Goddess saraswati
Banjo Boy It is an old English musical instrument
Bankole Boy The name means Build a home for me.
Bankroft Boy Pasture field
Bannan Boy It would mean Commander
Banner Boy Flag bearer
Banny Boy Petite and good-looking person
Banquo Boy Shakespearean name used in The Tragedy of Macbeth
Banu Girl  
Baptiste Boy Baptiser
Bara Girl To choose
Barabas Boy Barabba
Barak Boy Of the lightning flash
Baranan Boy A variant name for ram- the hindu god
Baranar Boy It means a strange, foreign traveler
Baraz Boy A person who is regarded as high
Barbara Unisex A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger
Barbaraa Girl A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger
Barclay Boy Place where birches grow.
Bardalph Boy A strong and courageous person
Bardan Boy One who lives Near the Boar's Den
Bardarik Boy A bold ruler
Barde Boy A ballad singer
Barden Boy Barley valley
Bardi Boy A bearded man
Bardon Boy A poetic person who lives in tne valleys
Bardou Boy Bright and smart wolf
Bardrick Boy A soldier who works with the axe
Bardulf Boy A clever , shrewd wolf
Barend Boy Person like a bear
Baret Boy As strong as a bear
Barivendus Boy An idealistic person
Barley Boy A barley seller by occupation
Barlowe Boy A hill filled with barley
Barnab Boy Son of consolation
Barnabas Boy Barnaby son of prophecy
Barnabe Boy One who consoles
Barnaby Boy A form of barnabas
Barnardo Boy Courageous as a bear
Barnes Boy Bear; son of barnett
Barnim Boy Protective person
Barnum Boy Baron's home
Barocunas Boy Practical natured person
Baron Boy Nobleman, baron
Baronet Boy Survived from the burnt land
Baronett Boy One who survives through problems
Barratt Boy Strong by mind
Barrclay Boy A valley filled with birches
Barrett Unisex Having the strength of a bear / one who argues
Barrey Boy Rough and brave like a bear
Barric Boy Grain farm
Barrie Boy  
Barrlow Boy One who lives by the hillside
Barron Boy A form of baron
Barrow Boy One who lives by the grove
Barrton Boy Settled near a field full of barley
Barry Unisex A fair-haired man
Bart Unisex The son of the farmer
Barth Boy Son of tolmai
Barthelemy Boy Son of  a farmer
Barthelmy Boy A farmer's son
Bartholemew Boy Hill, furrow
Bartholomeus Boy A man whose father farms by occupation
Bartilmew Boy A logical person
Bartle Boy One who has intuition and thinks carefully
Bartleah Boy A traditional name from Bart's Meadow
Bartleigh Boy An old English name from Bart's Meadow
Bartlet Boy A form of bartholomew
Bartley Boy Barley meadow
Bartold Boy It means being like a Furrow
Bartolmeu Boy Taimai's son
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