136 Christian names starting with the alphabet "Z". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with Z.

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Name Gender Meaning
Zaaire Boy From zaire
Zaara Girl Flower
Zabel Boy Leading light of the people
Zabeth Girl One who is pledged to God.
Zabulon Boy To exhalt
Zac Boy The lord remembers
Zacarias Boy The lord remembers
Zacary Boy The lord remembers
Zaccary Boy The lord remembers
Zacchary Boy The lord remembers
Zaccheo Boy The one god remembers
Zach Boy Remembrance of the lord
Zacharee Girl God is remembered
Zacharia Unisex The lord remembers
Zachariah Boy Remembered by the lord
Zacharias Boy In Hebrew, it means 'The Lord has remembered'.
Zachariya Boy  
Zacharry Boy The lord remembers
Zachary Boy The lord remembers
Zachery Unisex The lord remembers
Zack Boy Remembrance of the lord
Zackary Unisex The lord remembers
Zackery Unisex The lord remembers
Zagorka Girl One who lives in the mountains
Zahar Girl Morning light
Zaharina Girl The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah, meaning the Lord has remembered.
Zaharinka Girl A variant of Zaharina, meaning God remembers.
Zaharra Girl White-skinned / flowerlike
Zahavah Girl Golden
Zain Boy A form of zane
Zaina Girl A form of zanna
Zaire Unisex River
Zak Boy God remembers
Zakai Boy Innocent
Zakary Boy The lord remembers
Zakia Girl Bright, pure
Zakk Boy God remembers
Zakkary Boy God remembers
Zaklina Girl A version of Jakov, meaning God will add.
Zambda Girl Meditation
Zana Girl A form of zanna
Zanaa Girl White lily
Zander Boy  
Zandra Girl Defending men
Zane Boy A form of john
Zanele Girl One who is affluent
Zaneta Girl God's gracious gift
Zanna Girl A short form of susanna
Zantina Girl One who is a great devotee
Zara Girl Dawn, princess
Zared Boy Ambush
Zaria Girl  
Zarra Girl Dawn , princess
Zarrah Girl The day's awakening
Zarria Girl Blossom
Zavad Boy Present
Zavier Unisex New house
Zavrina Girl A form of sabrina
Zayden Boy  
Zaylee Girl A heavenly woman
Zayley Girl Dry
Zaylie Girl Dry
Zayne Boy A form of zane
Zaza Girl Movement, flowery
Zazu Boy Movement
Zdravko Boy Derived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy.
Zeb Boy Home
Zeba Girl  
Zebadiah Boy Gift of the lord
Zebediah Boy God's gift
Zebidiah Boy God has given
Zebulon Boy Home
Zebulun Boy To exalt ; lofty
Zecharia Boy The lord remembers
Zechariah Boy The lord remembers
Zed Boy God is fair
Zeena Girl Hospitable
Zehava Girl Golden
Zeke Boy Strengthened by god
Zelda Unisex Companion
Zelene Girl Sunshine
Zelimir Boy A lover of peace
Zelimirka Girl One who desires.
Zella Girl Little marcus
Zelma Unisex Helmet of god
Zelsana Girl Blessed with success
Zemirah Girl Song of joy
Zena Girl Life and zeus
Zenna Girl Hospitable
Zenobia Girl Child of zeus sinobia
Zephan Boy Treasured by god
Zephaniah Boy In Hebrew, it means 'The Lord has concealed'; 'The Lord has protected'.
Zephrine Girl Breeze
Zerlinda Girl Beautiful dawn
Zeta Girl Rose. linguistics
Zev Boy Meaning Wolf in Hebrew
Zevida Girl Gift
Zhaklina Girl Bulgarian form of Jacqueline, meaning God will increase.
Zia Girl To tremble, a kind of grain
Ziff Boy Wolf
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