361 Christian names starting with the alphabet "G". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with G.

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Name Gender Meaning
Gaabriel Boy A variation of Gabriel
Gaarwine Boy One who strikes like a spear
Gabai Boy Delight, adornment
Gabbriel Girl Heroine of god
Gabbriella Girl Heroine of god
Gabby Girl From the name gabrielle
Gabe Boy From the name gabriel
Gabi Girl From the name gabriela
Gabriel Unisex God is my might
Gabriel Boy In Hebrew, it means 'Man of God. God's able-bodied one'.
Gabriela Unisex God is my might
Gabriela Girl In Hebrew, it means God' able- bodied one.
Gabriell Unisex Heroine of god
Gabriella Unisex God is my might
Gabrielle Girl Dedicated to god
Gabrijel Boy God is my protector
Gabryjel Boy It means God will protect me
Gaby Girl From the name gabrielle
Gacoki Boy It means The God will return 
Gada Girl Lucky
Gadebo Boy The one who is successful to bring the crown
Gadi Boy The name means the person will reap profits in the future
Gael Boy  
Gaenbeald Boy One religious person
Gaenburh Boy It means a noble person
Gaera Boy One who is respectable in society
Gaerwn Unisex It indicated the white colour
Gaerwulf Boy The individual who helps nature
Gaery Boy Variable, changeable
Gaete Boy The considerate individual
Gagan Boy Sky, heaven
Gage Unisex Of the pledge
Gaidar Boy He who shares joy with all
Gaidon Boy The one who admires the beauty of life
Gaige Unisex Of the pledge
Gail Girl Merry, lively
Gailine Girl A form of gail
Gaille Girl Merry
Gainor Boy He who is fair in wisdom and looks good
Gais Boy It means the cheerful person
Gale Boy The name means a jovial and boisterous person.
Galen Unisex A healer ; one who is calm
Gali Girl Spring, fountain
Galilea Girl Sloping hills
Galton Boy Owner of a rented estate
Galvin Boy Signifies the white colour
Galya Girl God is redeemed gana - garden
Gana Girl Means a group of people or a troop
Ganit Boy Defender gavriel - man of god
Ganya Girl Garden of the lord
Gaphrick Boy One who controls the spear
Gapson Boy It means the son of Gilbert
Gar Boy A short form of gareth
Gardenia Girl Botany: a sweet-melling flower
Garen Boy A form of garry
Gareth Unisex Uncertain
Garett Boy One who is mighty with a spear
Garfield Boy A philosophical, critical person
Garin Boy A form of garry
Garion Boy A form of garry
Garland Unisex Garland-maker
Garman Boy Spearman
Garnet Boy A form of garnett
Garnett Boy Armed with a spear
Garrad Boy A form of garrett, gerald
Garre Boy One who is strong and sharp as a spear
Garren Boy A form of garry
Garret Unisex Strength of the
Garreth Boy Gentle
Garrick Boy Oak spear
Garrin Boy A form of garry
Garrison Boy Garry's son
Garry Boy Spear
Garson Boy Son of gar
Garth Boy The keeper of the garden
Garvin Boy Comrade in battle
Gary Boy A familiar form of gerald
Garyn Girl Spear carrier
Gascon Boy The person who is from Gascony.
Gathii Boy A person who travels a lot
Gatimu Boy Sharp as a spear
Gau Boy Means as calm as the night sky
Gaudinus Boy The Lord of Colours
Gauge Boy Measurer
Gaukroger Boy One who is clumsy and lovable
Gaulterio Boy The military head
Gautham Boy  
Gauthier Boy It means the chief commander of an army
Gavi Boy Religious person
Gavin Unisex A little white falcon
Gavinn Boy A little white falcon
Gavril Boy A man of God
Gavrila Girl God is my strength
Gavvin Boy A little white falcon
Gavyn Unisex White falcon
Gavynn Boy A little white falcon
Gawanna Boy As sharp as a hawk
Gawin Boy It indicates a boy who resembles a white falcon
Gayla Girl A form of gail
Gayle Girl A form of gail
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