248 Christian names starting with the alphabet "N". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with N.

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Name Gender Meaning
Naade Boy One who belongs to a royal family
Naadia Girl One who is full of hope
Naaman Boy Pleasant
Naasir Boy Protector
Naava Girl Pleasant, beautiful
Nachmanke Boy Compassionate one
Nachum Boy Comforter
Nadav Boy Nobel, a generous one
Nadine Unisex Hope
Nahum Boy Comforter
Naiima Girl Belonging to one
Nain Boy Eye in Hindi/Urdu; Pleasant, Sweet or Lovely in Hebrew
Nainika Girl  
Nakia Unisex Unconquered
Nakita Unisex Unconquered
Nakkia Girl Pure , faithful
Nakshathra Girl  
Nalina Girl  
Nallamothu Boy  
Nallely Girl I love you
Namitha Girl  
Namratha Girl  
Nan Girl A form of ann
Nanci Girl A form of nancy
Nancy Girl God's flavour
Nandhini Girl  
Nandhitha Girl  
Nandru Boy He who gives peace for all
Nanji Boy He who protects his family and loved ones
Nanna Girl Graceful one
Nanook Boy The person is determined like a polar bear
Nanthitha Girl  
Naomi Girl A Jewish name of Hebrew origin which means 'Pleasantness'
Naomii Girl Beautiful , pleasant , delightful
Napeu Boy The one who is known for his masculinity
Napolean Boy Means the ‘Lion of the new City’
Napona Boy Blessed by the wave of God
Nara Girl North
Narmatha Girl  
Nash Unisex At the ash tree
Nasiir Boy Protector
Nasya Girl Miracle
Nat Boy A short form of nathan
Natalee Girl Born at christmas
Natalia Girl Christ's birthday
Natalie Girl It's the French version of the Russian name Natalia, meaning “born on Christmas”.
Nataliee Girl Refers to christ
Natallia Girl Refers to christ
Natallie Girl Refers to christ
Natally Girl Refers to christ
Nataly Unisex Christ's birthday
Natalya Girl Christ's birthday
Natania Girl Gift of god nathania - gift of the lord
Natanya Girl  
Natasha Unisex Refers to christ
Natassha Girl Refers to christ
Nate Boy Gift of god
Nathalia Girl Birthday of christ
Nathalie Girl Christ's birthday
Nathally Girl Birthday of christ
Nathaly Girl Birthday of christ
Nathan Boy In Hebrew, it means 'given; giving; rewarded'.
Nathanael Unisex Gift of god
Nathanial Boy Gift of god
Nathaniel Boy Gift of god
Nathaniell Boy A gift from god
Nathann Boy A gift from god
Nathen Boy He (god) has given
Nathiya Girl  
Natie Girl A familiar form of natalie
Nattalie Girl Refers to christ
Nattaly Girl Refers to christ
Natthan Boy A gift from god
Navamitha Girl  
Navaneeth Boy  
Navaneetha Girl  
Navita Girl  
Navyasri Girl  
Naya Girl  
Nayagam Boy  
Nayeli Unisex I love you
Nayely Girl I love you
Nayland Boy Island dweller
Naysa Girl Miracle of god
Neal Unisex The champion
Nebu Boy  
Ned Boy A familiar form of edward
Nedda Girl Prosperous guardian
Nediva Girl Nobleand generous
Neelima Girl  
Neenu Girl  
Neeta Girl  
Neetha Girl  
Neethu Girl  
Neetu Girl  
Nehemiah Boy In Hebrew, it means 'comforted by God'.
Neill Boy The champion
Nell Girl A short form of nellie
Nellie Girl A familiar form of cornelia
Nellwyn Girl Nellie's friend
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