241 Christian names starting with the alphabet "F". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with F.

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Name Gender Meaning
Fa Girl The beginning of life
Faaiz Girl Successful person
Fabeena Girl Religious person
Fabi Boy One who farms beans
Fabian Unisex A bean
Fabian Boy One who sells beans
Fabio Boy A grower of beans
Fabiola Unisex A bean
Fabiya Girl one who trades beans
Fabyen Boy A person who is a bean farmer by profession
Facca Boy One who stays with the family like a sheep 
Faddei Boy A valiant and brave person
Fadeyka Boy A courageous person
Fadeyushka Boy One who fears nothing
Fadhili Unisex One who is compassionate to fellow beings
Fae Girl Fairy
Faina Girl Happy
Faine Boy One who is good natured and well mannered
Fairlee Girl From a yellow meadow
Fairy Girl Ruler of the elves
Faith Girl Faith; confidence; belief
Falito Boy A familiar form of rafael
Fallon Unisex A command woman
Falon Unisex Leader
Fanchon Girl Free, whimsical
Fancy Girl Whimsical; decorative
Fane Boy Joyful, glad
Fanny Girl From france
Farah Girl Beautiful; pleaant
Faren Girl Wanderer
Faresego Boy One who thinks a lot
Farley Boy Bull meadow; sheep meadow.
Farnell Boy Fern-covered hill
Farnley Boy Fern meadow
Faron Boy A form of faren
Farr Boy Traveler
Farrah Girl Beautiful; pleaant
Farren Girl Wanderer
Farrow Boy Piglet
Fate Girl Fate
Fay Girl A form of faye
Faye Girl A form of faith
Fayre Girl Fair; light haired
Faythe Girl A form of faith
Fayvel Boy A smart and outstanding boy
Fearne Boy One who lives among ferns
Fearnleah Boy The person who lives in the fern covered lands
Feba Girl  
Febian Boy A member of the fabius clan
Febin Boy It means a curious boy
Fecca Boy It indicates a low-born child
Federico Unisex Peaceful ruler
Feerouzah Boy It means a  semi-precious stone of Turkish origin
Feivel Boy God assists
Felabeorbt Boy A lad who is brilliant
Felamaere Boy One who becomes famous
Felberta Girl Brilliant
Felci Girl  
Felcin Girl  
Feldtun Boy The one who earns from the fields
Felecia Girl Happy
Felicia Unisex Happy
Felician Boy It means a boy of luck
Felicio Boy One who is blessed with Luck
Felicity Girl A form of felicia
Felicjan Boy It means a man who can reap fortune
Felipe Unisex One who loves horses
Felisha Girl Happy
Felix Boy Cheerful
Fellicia Girl Fortunate or happy
Fellipe Boy One who loves horses
Felten Boy An active and healthy man
Felton Boy Field town
Femi Girl  
Fenmore Unisex One who is loving by heart
Fenton Boy Marshland farm.
Fenwicke Boy A man whose life dwells on the farm
Feologild Boy A traditional name from the old English days and one who is religious
Feolomaer Boy A man of justice
Feoluca Boy The name is derived from a lake in the English country side
Feolugeld Boy A traditional name indicating a person lives by a lake in England
Feolumaer Boy A name that shows english harmony
Feoras Boy One who is tough yet looks like a smooth rock
Ferdinandus Boy One who travels with courage
Fergus Boy The first and supreme choice
Fern Girl Fern
Fernald Boy The person who belongs to fern lands
Fernall Boy One who lives by the fern covered hillside
Fernanda Unisex Uncertain
Fernandes Boy  
Fernandez Boy  
Fernando Boy  
Fernlea Boy A man who belongs to the meadows
Fernlee Boy One who is said to have settled in the fern meadows
Fernley Girl From the fern meadow
Fernly Boy He who has built his house near ferns
Ferruccio Boy One as bold as a sword
Feruzi Boy He holds the beauty of Turquoise
Fessler Boy One who has the cooper occupation
Fethee Boy The capacity ot judge well
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