87 Christian names starting with the alphabet "Y". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with Y.

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Name Gender Meaning
Yaakov Boy One who supplants
Yaasmeen Girl Resembling the jasmine flower
Yachne Girl Gracious
Yadid Boy Friend, beloved
Yadira Girl Friend
Yadon Boy He will judge
Yael Girl Strength of god
Yafeu Boy One who is strong and adventurous
Yaffa Girl Beautiful
Yagil Boy Celebrate
Yahir Boy  
Yakir Boy Precious ; dear
Yakira Girl Precious
Yakov Boy The supplanter
Yale Boy Old
Yamin Girl Right hand yana - he answers
Yan Boy God's grace yanis - god's gift
Yana Girl God is gracious,Another birth
Yancy Unisex The englishman (the word later became `yankee')
Yankel Boy Yahweh is my saviour
Yaphet Boy Handsome
Yardley Boy Enclosed meadow
Yareli Girl The lord is my light
Yarelli Girl The lord is my light
Yaretzi Girl You will always
Yarin Boy To understand
Yaritza Unisex Water lady
Yarkona Girl Green
Yarnell Unisex Eagle's roost
Yarognev Boy One who is enthusiastic and full of life
Yaromir Boy He who is a lover of peace
Yaron Boy Singing
Yasmeena Girl Jasmine
Yasmen Girl Jasmine
Yasmiin Girl Resembling the jasmine flower
Yasmina Girl Jasmine
Yassmin Girl Resembling the jasmine flower
Yassmine Girl Resembling the jasmine flower
Yates Boy Gates
Yazdan Boy Light of the universe
Yazmin Unisex Jasmine
Yazzmin Girl Jasmine flower
Ydel Girl Praise
Yehochanan Boy Yahweh is compassionate
Yehuda Boy Praise ; thanks
Yehudah Boy Exalt
Yemena Girl Right hand
Yesennia Girl Flower
Yessica Girl Wealthy
Yesubabu Boy  
Yesudas Boy  
Yetta Girl A short form of henrietta
Yitro Boy Plenty
Yitta Girl Light
Yoel Boy The lord is god
Yogaraj Boy  
Yohan Boy  
Yohannan Boy  
Yokhanna Boy Jehovah is loving and compassionate
Yolanda Unisex Resembling the violet flower
Yolande Girl Violet
Yolanthe Girl A strong and graceful lady
Yollanda Girl Resembling the violet flower
Yolonda Girl Violet
Yomawu Girl To honor the name of the God
Yonah Boy From the name jonah
Yoninah Girl Dove
Yorick Boy Earth worker
York Boy Boar estate; yew-tree estate
Yosef Boy Form of joseph
Yoselin Girl  
Yoshitha Girl  
Yousef Boy He will enlarge
Yovela Girl Rejoicing
Yrian Boy One who is a great harvester
Ysabell Girl My god is bountiful ; god
Yudelle Girl A form of udele
Yuktha Girl  
Yule Boy Born at christmas
Yulia Girl One with Youthful enthusiasm
Yuliana Girl Down-bearded youth
Yuneka Girl A priceless gift
Yussuf Boy A prophet's name(joseph)
Yuval Boy Brook
Yuvan Boy  
Yvette Unisex Yew
Yvonne Girl  
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