679 Christian names starting with the alphabet "S". Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with S.

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Name Gender Meaning
Saadya Boy The one who favors and helps God
Saam Boy God has heard
Saamel Boy It means he who has been heard by God
Saamir Boy Entertaining companion
Saana Girl  
Saara Girl A princess ; lady
Saarah Girl A princess ; lady
Saasha Girl A helper and defender of mankind
Sabana Girl  
Sabastian Boy The revered one
Sabin Boy  
Sabina Girl  
Sabitha Girl  
Sable Girl Sable; sleek
Sabnam Girl  
Sabra Girl Thorny cactus; to rest
Sabreen Girl A short form of sabreena
Sabreena Girl A form of sabrina
Sabrena Girl A form of sabrina
Sabrina Girl Princess
Sabrinna Girl A legendary princess
Sabryna Girl A form of sabrina
Sabu Boy  
Sachiel Boy Angel of water
Saddie Girl A princess ; lady
Sade Unisex Sweetly singing
Sadee Girl A princess ; lady
Sadie Girl Princess
Sadiee Girl A princess ; lady
Safford Boy Willow river crossing
Sagarika Girl  
Sagaya Girl  
Sagayaraj Boy  
Sage Boy Wise
Sagiv Boy Mighty, with strength
Saharra Girl Lord shiva
Sahasra Girl  
Saige Girl A form of sage
Sailaja Girl  
Sajeesh Boy  
Sajeev Boy  
Saji Boy  
Sajin Boy  
Sajitha Girl  
Sajna Girl  
Sajo Boy  
Sakthi Boy  
Sakura Girl Resembling a cherry blossom
Salamon Boy  
Saleena Girl The moon
Salena Girl Moon
Salette Girl A form of sally
Salim Boy Safe, whole, flawless
Salina Girl One of a solemn , dignified character
Salini Girl  
Salliann Girl A combination of sally & ann
Sallie Girl A form of sally
Sally Girl A familiar form of sarah
Saloma Girl Peace
Saloman Boy Peaceful
Salome Girl In Aramaic, it means 'Peace'
Saloni Girl  
Salton Boy Manor town; willow town
Salvador Unisex A savior
Sam Boy To hear
Samanntha Girl One who listens well
Samantha Girl Told by God;Listener;Equality
Samara Girl Ruled by god
Samarra Girl Ruled by god
Samhitha Girl  
Samiir Boy Entertaining companion
Samiira Girl Entertaining female companion
Samirra Girl Entertaining female companion
Sammantha Girl One who listens well
Sammara Girl Ruled by god
Sammi Unisex One who has been exalted
Sammie Unisex One who has been exalted
Sammuel Boy God has heard
Sammy Unisex His name is god
Sampa Girl  
Sampson Boy Child of the sun samuel - his name is god
Sampurna Girl  
Samson Boy As bright as the sun ; in the bible , a man with extraordinary strength
Samuel Boy In Hebrew, it means 'Name of God; asked of God; heard by God'.
Samuela Girl Her name is god
Samuell Boy God has heard
Samuvel Boy  
Samyukta Girl  
Samyuktha Girl  
San Boy  
Sanal Boy  
Sanath Boy  
Sanborn Boy Sandy brook
Sander Boy A short form of alexander
Sanders Boy Son of sander
Sandhiya Girl  
Sandi Unisex Defends others
Sandra Girl  
Sandya Girl  
Saneesh Boy  
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