Alibag Beach is the king of beaches in the state of Maharashtra in India. The beach with clean waters, fresh air and clean sands is sure to provide you will a royal treat. Alibaug is a most frequented beach particularly by the city dwellers in Mumbai. The beach has the most blacked sand of the region. There is several food stalls located at the beachside that offer gourmet food to tourists. The beachside at Alibag Beach is lined with tall coconut and Cypress trees. The cool environment and tranquil surroundings of Alibag Beach is making it an increasing popular holiday destinations for tourists from different parts of the country.

 Location : State/District

Alibag Beach is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra under the district of Raigad.The latitude of Alibag Beach corresponds to 18.6554⁰ North while the longitude of Alibag Beach is 72.8679⁰ East.

 Destination Type

Alibag Beach is unpolluted beach destination in the Maharashtra.

 Family holiday Destination

Alibag Beach is pleasant holiday spot when travelling with your families or close friends. The scenic beauty and calm atmosphere makes it a sought after destination by tourists who like to holiday in peace. Nature buffs are also drawn to this place as they get to enjoy the beautiful sea side at Alibag Beach.

 Weather Information

Alibag Beach experiences pleasant climatic conditions making it suitable to visit any time of the year. Summer season from March to May is warm and the temperature even becomes enjoyable towards the evening. The maximum temperature during the day time is recorded at 36⁰C. During the monsoons, Alibag Beach receives good rainfall. The sight of rain droplets on the sea is completely mesmerising. Moreover the beauty of the surroundings stands apart from the months of August to October. Nature freaks love visiting the place during this season. Winters in Alibag Beach starts from November and continues till February. The climate remains moderately cool and pleasant during this time with temperature reaching 14⁰C. The best time to plan a vacation to Alibag Beach is from November to July when the weather remains ideal for sightseeing as well as enjoying the beach activities.

 Travelling Requirements

Citizens of India can travel freely to Alibag Beach at their convenience. However there are some travelling formalities that need to be fulfilled by foreign tourists. Foreign nationals must apply for visa application from the Indian government. They should submit the visa application providing all the correct details along with the photocopy of the passport. Only after visa clearance they can visit Alibag Beach.


The beach in Alibaug is ideal for swimming and tourists here like to spend some playful time at the beachside. There are also water sports available at the Alibag Beach that draws adventure lovers to this destination. Jet skiing, parasailing and wind surfing are thrilling activities that every visitor an enthralling experience. Besides horse riding at the beachside is also a popular entertainment activity. Not only the kids but youngsters and adults also love the constant splashing of the water as the horse gallops through the shore.

While you relax on the beachside satiate your food cravings with the gourmet sea food selection available in food stalls at the beach side. There are also stalls that offer Tadgolas, Fried fish and coconut water, located very close to the beach.

Local shopping at Alibaug is also a great experience for shopping lovers. The streets and small lanes have shops that sell a wide variety of things like handmade garments, antique jewelry, bags, leather items and even furniture. The traditional ‘Kolhapuris’ footwear is easily available at hard-to-believe-prices. However, while shopping, be prepared to bargain.

 Places to Visit

Kolaba Fort is a very famous tourist spot located a just a kilometre from Alibag Beach. This sea fort was built by Shivaji, the Great Maratha warrior in the 16th century. The Kolaba Fort still stand tall even after 300 years and is one of the most ancient forts of the region. The structure of the fort is admirable and is open to visitors all time of the year with nominal charges.

Revdanda Aagarkot is located at a distance of 17 kms from Alibag Beach and is beautiful fort constructed by the Portuguese ruler in the 15th century. The fort was built in a way that the thick outer walls remain hollow and the clandestine routes also remain interconnected. The Revdanda Aagarkot houses a structure called as ‘Saath Khani Buruj’ that is in ruins today.

Varsoli Beach is a secluded yet beautiful beach located on the outskirts of Alibag Beach. This quiet beach is well-known for its clean seawater and sparkling white sand. A thick vegetation of Casuarinas and coconut trees lines the beach.

Janjira Fort is another popular fort of the region that guards the Arabian Sea. This port can be visited on sail boats that take tourists from Rajpuri jetty. The entrance to this majestic fort is guarded by two of the total 24 bastions of the fort. The main highlight of Janjira Fort is the presence of 3 colossal cannons named as Charvi, Landa Kasam and Kalabangdi.

Kihim Beach is a stunning beach located at a distance of 12 kms from Alibag Beach. The beach is particularly famous for its thick stretches of coconut trees. The rare sight of flowers, birds and butterflies attracts nature lovers to this seaside heaven. Kihim Beach is a must visit destination for weekenders as well as day trippers.

Brahma Kund is a religious site located atop a hill. The place holds two kunds, one dedicated to Lord Shiva and other one to Lord Brahma. The location of the place is picturesque making it ideal for photography.

The Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is a renowned temple around Alibag Beach that is dedicated to God Shiva. The temple is on the top of a 900 feet hill that is a flight of about 5000 stairs. However devotees forget all their tiredness as they enter the premises of the temple and offer prayers to their deity with full devotion and enthusiasm.

 Food & Accommodation

Being a coastal region, the sea food delicacies at Alibag Beach are a must try. Here tourists love gorging on the gourmet selection of fresh sea food that includes pomfret, crab, prawns and lobsters. The special delicacy ‘Bombay Duck’ is available in several restaurants and is cooked fresh with local spices and curries. Even the roadside stalls serve mouth-watering sea foods to the guests and is definitely a must try. Some of the best restaurants around Alibag Beach are Sanman, Bohemyan Blue Garden Cafe, Aparanta, Fulora Restaurant and Sai Vatika. These places also serve other food selection besides the scrumptious sea food.

Alibaug has accommodations to suit every traveller’s budget. Hotels here are easily available at rates below INR 1000 and even reach up to INR 10,000 and above. Some low-budgeted options in Alibag Beach with room rent per night below INR 1500 are Sahyadri Hotel, Akshay Bungalow, Ramakant Hotel, Vedant Holiday Home, Mama’s Nest and Mauli Village. For travellers looking for hotels with good facilities and not very high rates, there are also several choices available. Some of these include Nirmal Cottages, Jogalekar Cottage, Sun Glow Resort, Country Side The Farm, Ruturang Bungalow, Golden Oriole and Kumarwadi. These hotels and cottages have rooms available between INR 3000-5000 for a night. For luxurious travellers who desire out-of-the-world service and amenities there is Radisson Resort & Spa. It is an excellent property with room tariffs starting from INR 10,500 onwards for a night.

 Safety and Security

Just like any other beach destination, swimming unaccompanied at the sea can turn out to be dangerous. It is always safer to swim in the presence of life guards around and avoid swimming during high tide.