Juhu Beach is a very posh and popular beach destination of India. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, this beach located in ‘Ville Parle’ is a prime tourist spot in Mumbai. The scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Juhu Beach attracts both national and International tourists to this place. Besides the street food and local delicacies served at Juhu Beach is also one of the biggest draws. The popularity of Juhu Beach has drawn the movers and shakers of the city to this place and also made it a preferred site for film shootings. Many of the celebrities have also brought their homes close to the Juhu Beach and can be sighted here frequently jogging at the beach side. A visit to Juhu Beach will leave you with special memories that will last a lifetime.

 Location : State/District

Juhu Beach is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra.The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Juhu Beach are 19.1000⁰ North and 72.8300⁰ East, respectively.

 Destination Type

Juhu Beach is an incredible and famous beach destination of the country.

 Family holiday Destination

Juhu Beach is a perfect holiday destination for tourists wanting to unwind amidst the mild waves and boisterous sea waters. The plethora of entertainment activities at the beach make it ideal place for spending time with families and friends.

 Weather Information

The weather in Juhu Beach remains uniform all year round. The place is neither too hot not too cold. It is rather somewhat humid in all the seasons. Summers starts from March and remains till May. During this time the minimum temperature recorded is 25⁰C whereas the maximum temperature remains at 35⁰C. Monsoon season in Juhu Beach is marked with heavy rainfall. From the months of June to September it is better to avoid visiting the place as high tides are a common occurrence during the monsoons. The winter months from November to February are pleasant and the weather remains very enjoyable. Juhu Beach can be visited all through the year but the best time to enjoy the place to maximum is from the months of October to February. The weather is just ideal to enjoy sightseeing and activities at the beach side. Light cotton clothes are required during this time.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can travel freely to Juhu Beach as and when they want. However tourists from outside India who desire to visit Juhu Beach must take visa permission from the Indian government. They visa application must be submitted correctly along with a copy of their valid passports. Only after getting visa clearance they can holiday in Juhu Beach.


Even though Juhu Beach is not an ideal choice for sunbath and quiet swim, this beach has a unique charm of its own. The place is a favourite spot for Mumbaites and is crowded with tourists all year round. Visitors enjoy playing in the waters near the shore. Juhu Beach is buzzing with activities like donkey and horse rides, camel rides, cricket matches and acrobats to name a few. Horse riding at Juhu Beach is a very popular activity enjoyed by all age groups. Apart from these, the dancing monkeys also grab a lot of tourist attention.

Tourists here also love taking leisure walks on the wet sands either in solitude or in the company of their loves ones. The view of the sun slowly setting down into the horizon of Arabian Sea is simply awe-inspiring and marvellous. The sunset view draws tourists most to this place. The beach is crowded during the evenings while towards the night the place becomes very calm and peaceful. If you enjoy this solitude, this time is best for you to visit the beach.

There are vendors all around the beach that sell everything right from eatable to toys and balloons. A feast on the delectable chats and other snacky items from the food stalls at the beach gives an unforgettable experience.

Towards the night, the atmosphere at Juhu Beach gives a carnival like feel. The dazzling lights all along the beach make the environment livelier. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is the best place to party all night with your friends without any restrictions.

 Places to Visit

Gandhi Dham is a very popular tourist spot located in close proximity to the Juhu Beach. Children love spending time here and enjoy playing games like cricket and foot ball.

Albert Museum Mumbai is one among the city’s prized structures and is located at about 9 kms from Juju Beach. This museum was built in the year 1872 and displays a remarkable selection of archaeological findings, maps, photographs and relics that are from the Mumbai’s ancient time. The Albert Museum is a heritage site, worth visiting by historians.

Versova Beach is another famous beach located close to the Juhu Beach. This beach is home to the largest Koli fishing community of Mumbai. This beach is very beautiful and the atmosphere is serene and calm.

 Food & Accommodation

Eating at Juhu Beach feels like heaven for food connoisseurs. Particularly the stalls lined at the beach that sell the Mumbai’s special bhelpuri and pani puri are extremely famous. These roadside stalls also serve snacky items like paw bhaji and different varieties of chaats to the visitors. These food items are cooked with proper hygiene and their taste takes you into a superb gastronomic journey. After eating the spicy street food, trying an ice gola or a kulfi is a must.

Beside these food stalls there are very good restaurants around Juhu Beach that serve all kinds of cuisines right from India to Continental dishes. Some of the famous and must visit eating joints are Don Giovanni, Mangi Ferra, Little Italy and Penne. Some of these restaurants also offer mouth-watering sea food delicacies.

Juhu Beach has the best of accommodation in all budgets for the travellers. Here you will easily find boutique hotels and resorts to mid-range and low-budgets hotels. Some of the plush properties around Juhu Beach that offer guests a world class staying experience are Sun-N-Sand, JW Marriot, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach and Ramada Plaza Palm Grove. The rooms in these hotels are priced above INR 10,000 for a night. Juhu Beach also has numerous good hotels that offer best services to their guests at decent prices. Some of the accommodations under this category are Juhu Hotel, Hotel Sea Princess, Hotel Bawa Continetal, Royal Inn and Hotel Cruz Royale. The room tariffs in these hotels range between INR 4500 to INR 7000 for a night. For budget conscious travellers there are also options like JC Chalet, Hotel Milan International, Red palm Residency, Sea Side Hotel, Hotel Atlantic, Garden Hotel and Hotel Unicontinetal Mumbai. The rooms in these hotels are easily available and are prices at INR 3000 below for each night.

 Safety and Security

Juhu Beach is a safe destination for tourists. Visitors must avoid venturing deep into the sea without the presence of lifeguards around. Also leaving your belongings unattended at the place is not advisable.