The Kanyakumari located in the state of Tamil Nadu is one of the most spectacular and incredible beach destinations. Located at the southern most end of the Indian peninsula, the beach is located at the confluence of three water bodies namely, the majestic Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Kanyakumari is one of those places that are both a wonderful holiday spot and also a religious destination. The Kanyakumari beach is crowded by tourists from India and abroad all through the year. The soft multi-colored sand and the mesmerising view of sunrise and sunset makes the beach in Kanyakumari a very popular tourists destinations of India.

 Location : State/District

Kanyakumari is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu under the Kanyakumari district.The latitude coordinate of the place is 8.0855⁰ N while the longitude of the beach remains 77.5576⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Kanyakumari is a superb beach destination that is rightly crowned as the ‘Shore of Glorious Dawns and Dusks’.

 Family holiday Destination

Kanyakumari is a chosen destination by holiday makers. The place is wonderful for spending memorable days in the company of families and friends. Being an important religious spot, the beach is also thronged by devotees all throughout the year. The enchanting view of sunrise and sunset from Kanyakumari Beach draws foreign tourists from different parts of the world.

 Weather Information

Weather in Kanyakumari remains pleasant in all seasons making it an ideal year-round destination. Summers starts from March and ends by May. During this time the weather is enjoyable with maximum and minimum temperature fluctuating between 20⁰C and 35⁰C. This season is best to enjoy beachside activities. June marks the onset of Monsoons that continues till September. The beach receives heavy rainfall along with thunderstorms. The drops of rain playing on the sea waves make the sight very picturesque and awe-inspiring. Winter season in Kanyakumari prevails from December to February. The weather is pleasantly cool with temperature varying between 17⁰C to 32⁰C. Kanyakumari can be visited any time of the year, but the best months to enjoy the beauty of this place are from October to March. The climate remains perfect for sightseeing and to indulge in beach activities. Light cotton clothes is only required during this time.


The rocky beach of Kanyakumari is not ideal for playing with the waves or taking sunbathe on golden, soft sands, yet the place has its own distinctive charm. The sight of multi-colored sand is overwhelming and out-of-world. The seashore at Kanyakumari Beach is rocky and therefore dangerous. Moreover there is also manmade wall running all along the beach making it impossible for having fun and frolic at the waves. This beach is a place to enjoy the scenic view of long stretches of colored sand and the battling of the waves on the rocks. At the beach there is a lighthouse from where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of endless sky and sea.

The beach at Kanyakumari is extremely popular for its magnificent views of sunrise and sunsets. The confluence of the tree eminent water bodies makes this distinctly beautiful view at dawn and dusk even more spectacular. On full-moon days in April known as ‘Chaitrapurnima’ tourists get to enjoy the brilliant sight of moon rise and sun setting simultaneously at the Kanyakumari Beach. Large number of tourists visits the place during this time to enjoy the unique and astonishing view.

 Places to Visit

Gandhi Museum is an important and must visit tourist destination of Kanyakumari. Also called as ‘Gandhi mandapam’ this place is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation. The museum was built in 1956 and its architectural design resembles the temples in Orissa. The museum is admired by all the visitors. Located close to the museum is the Gandhi Memorial, a monument that holds some of the old books magazines and pamphlets of the time before India’s independence.

Thiruvalluvar Statue is a landmark destination around Kanyakumari. Made from stone this mammoth statue is made in the honour of Tamil saint and poet known as Thiruvalluvar. This spectacular 133 feet statue was carved by the famous sculptor Dr. V. Ganpati Sthapathi.

Kanyakumari Temple or Kumari Amman Temple as it is popularly known is a chief religious destination around the place. Located on the sea shore this temple is dedicated to an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. According to the mythological stories, it is believed that Goddess Kanyakumari decided to stay virgin all her life when she could not marry Lord Shiva. On visiting the Kanyakumari temple tourists can still sight the foot prints of the Goddess here. This temple is crowded by thousands of devotees all year round.

The Jain monuments and Hill temple at Chitharal are also very famous destinations amongst tourists. Located atop a hill, the Hill Temple is renowned for its rock cut statues and intricate carvings. Also the Jain monuments located at Chitharal depicts the rich culture of the place and most of the rock shelters and idols here date back to the 9th century. This site is an important pilgrim destination for Jainism followers.

Vattakottai Fort is an ancient fort built around the 18th century by the Travancore emperors. Made from stone, the fort also houses the weapon rooms, rest rooms and watchtowers. Visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea from the elevated parade ground of the Vattakottai Fort.

 Food & Accommodation

The areas close to the each has good eating joints and restaurants that cater to the widest selection of cuisines. All the restaurants offer a delightful eating experience to the guests in a comfortable ambience. Some of the popular restaurants that are worth trying in Kanyakumari Beach include The Ocean Restaurant, Oasis Family Restaurant, Hotel Saravana, Auroma Restaurant, Snack Stalls, Wave Permit Lounge and Seashore Hotel.

Finding accommodation of your choice is never a problem at Kanyakumari. The place has all range of properties to suit both the luxurious and budgeted travellers. Tourists looking for staying options within INR 1500 for a night can check out The Gopi Niwas Grand, Lakshmi Tourist Home, Singaar International Hotel, Maadhini Hotel, Sun World Hotel, Hotel Ashoka and Manickam Tourist Home to name a few. There are some good mid-range hotels that offer decent staying experience to the guests at easily affordable charges. Some of these include Tri Sea Hotel, Seaface Hotel, Cape Residency Hotel, Hotel Sagar, Ave Beach Resort, Udupi International Hotel and Indien Hermitage. These hotels have rooms available between INR 1500 to INR 3000 for a night. For travellers looking for world class staying experience must look out for Maris International, Sparsa Resort and Anatya Resort. These properties have room tariffs at INR 3500 onwards for a night.

 Safety and Security

As the seashore at Kanyakumari is rocky swimming at the sea is dangerous and not allowed. Tourists are warned to stay off the boundary limit and venturing beyond the limits is a punishable offence. There are policemen on duty to ensure safety and security of the visitors.