Suryalanka Beach is an amazing weekend and holiday destination located in the Andhra Pradesh state in India. The beach side with its clean and clear waters draws tourists from India as well as other parts of the world. The shore of the Suryalanka Beach is very spacious and wide and tourists can have a good time at the beach without getting the feel of it being overcrowded. The spectacular beauty of the beach coupled with its easy connectivity makes it a chosen destination for sea lovers. The peaceful and calm atmosphere of the beachside will make you forget all your worries and will fill you with fond memories to last a lifetime.

 Location : State/District

Suryalanka Beach is located in the district of Guntur in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The latitude coordinates of Suryalanka Beach is 15.8345⁰ N while the longitudinal coordinates remain as 80.5051⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Suryalanka Beach is a small yet beautiful beach destination of South India.

  Family Vacation

A perfect place for holidaying with family and friends, Suryalanka Beach is a preferred destination for avid travellers. Its easy connectivity with nearby towns makes it a perfect weekend destination for city dwellers. Tourists flock to this seaside heaven to get a relaxed holiday. Suryalanka Beach is a superb destination for nature lovers who look forward to spend some time in solitude amidst the echo of sea waves.

 Weather Information

Summer season in Suryalanka Beach prevails from the months of March to June. The sun shines bright and the weather is quite sunny. During the daytime the temperature soars up to 45⁰C and the heat becomes intolerable. The mercury drops down slightly towards the evening with warm sea breeze flowing along the beachside. The advent of monsoons gives some respite from the scorching heat in the Suryalanka Beach. September to November is monsoon time at the beach and is marked with good amount of rainfall. The rains make the place greener and enhance the natural beauty of the place. The month of November to February is winter time in Suryalanka Beach. The climate during this time is pleasant and enjoyable. The best time to holiday in Suryalanka beach is from the months of October to March. You will only need light cotton clothes during this time.

 Travelling Requirements

Travelling to Suryalanka Beach is easy and without any restrictions for the citizens of India. Only foreign tourists need to take visa permission from the Indian government for visiting this beautiful beachside. They must submit a correctly filled visa application along with the copy of their passport and other travel documents. Getting a visa clearance is mandatory for foreign nationals.


The Suryalanka Beach is adorned with spacious shore that is covered with clean and crystal clear waters. The beachside is ideal for swimming in the sea water with the slope gradually declining into the sea. Playing with the rising and falling waves is safe at Suryalanka Beach. The shore line with golden soft sands make it ideal for talking long leisure walks while enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Suryalanka Beach is a great destination for swimming and sunbathing. Tourists here enjoy taking a swim and then relaxing at the shore, under the bright sun. As the beachside is very wide it does not make you feel cluttered or lost in the crowd.

During the months of November, dolphin’s can also be spotted close the beach. Seeing the majestic mammals so close to the shore line is also a great attraction at Suryalanka Beach. While enjoying the beachside view, tourist can also gorge on the scrumptious sea food selection at the food stalls located nearby. Suryalanka Beach on the Bay of Bengal coastline is an incredible beachside holiday destination for tourists who cannot travel to places like Pondicherry or Goa.

 Places to Visit

The Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is a prime tourist spot located close to the Suryalanka beach. The place is also crowned as the jewel of the Baptala city. This temple located in the heart of the town dates back to the 15th century. The Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is one of the chief religious destinations in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Anjaneya Temple is located at a distance of 0.3 kms from Suryalanka Beach. Like the other attractions of the Baptala town, this temple also has its unique charm that draws holiday makers to this spot.

 Food and Accommodation

During the stay at the Suryalanka Beach, travellers get to feast on the delectable sea food preparations of Andhra Pradesh that includes fresh fishes, crabs and prawns. Besides enjoying the mouth-watering sea food, visitors also love the hot and spicy south Indian food, cooked in a traditional way. The food stalls at the beachside and the restaurants in the resorts located close to the beach offer delicious food preparation to the guests.

The Andhra Pradesh tourism department promises to offer visitors a pleasant staying experience. Most of the accommodations here are furnished with almost all modern amenities and facilities. The Haritha Beach Resort and Suryalanka Beach Resort are tow resorts located closest to the beach. The cottages in these resorts provide many recreational activities that can be enjoyed at the beachside. These cottages need to be booked in advance during the peak season. Tourist can also find accommodation in the Baptala town at affordable rates.

 Safety and Security

The topography of Suryalanka Beach makes it safe for even non-swimmers.