Given below is today's, (Thursday, August 13) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Aries zodiac combination.

You have been having quite a trying time, with work and family responsibility on the forefront. Due to all this, your love life has been taking a backseat. Although your partner has not said anything, you wish to make it up to him/her and therefore, have been planning a special vacation, just for the two of you. You have been waiting for a sign to let you know when to go on the vacation. And now the stars have come today to tell you today is the perfect day!

Romance for you is the settling and defining part of your life. You owe a lot of good decisions in life to your partner and your love life. It is obvious as to how intent you are on making everything work well and give your partner the love and attention he/she deserves. You worry about your partner being dissatisfied with you and wish to let him/her know how much you love him/her and wish to spring the vacation on to him/her as a surprise.

Therefore, instead of making all the plans today, spring the idea of a vacation on him/her. But plan it out with his/her help. The excitement of the planning will in itself be special to your partner. Today is a good day to spend with your partner on simple activities. Therefore, a trip to an idyllic location will be exactly what will be in tune with your luck today.

Lucky colors – fuchsia, teal
Lucky numbers – 5, 12, 26, 31, 40

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