Given below is today's, (Friday, June 05) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Capricorn zodiac combination.

The day calls for big decisions, although it is better you do not make them, but be a part of them. Everything is stable in your relationship. You have been planning to take the plunge anytime soon and have informed your folks of your intentions. Today might have the outcome of all the past efforts. So be prepared to be surprised as today is your lucky day.

Your partner, on the other hand is in an anticipatory mood. They can sense it in the air too. But do not let the anticipation turn into aggression, as you two have been waiting a long time for this. Any misstep taken by you could result into an argument borne out of the waiting. Be patient throughout the day as any minute news might break out. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome is, all will be in your favor and that of your partner’s.

Your partner has that accommodating disposition which makes them win hearts over. Convincing the folks has not been a problem. But, till now there has not been any development in the matter. Do not fear. Today will have a positive outcome on the matter and will seal your relationship forever. If possible, spend the day together in simple conversation and simple activities. Go to a movie, shopping or just couple spa treatment. Cool your nerves and prepare yourselves for the big show. After all, you have been waiting for this day forever. All will be well.

Lucky colors – wheat brown, chlorophyll green
Lucky numbers – 8, 12, 17, 21, 38

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