Given below is today's, (Wednesday, August 12) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Leo zodiac combination.

You are feeling very romantic today. You may have scheduled several work appointments today, but chances are high that you are going to cancel them on impulse. The weather is also going to favor you and it exactly matches your sunny mood. This probably rises from the fact t hat you have recently done some soul searching and found that you are definitely and very deeply in love.

So, you are ready to enjoy the first rosy glow of your relationship. You may persuade your partner to go for a long romantic drive with you or organize an impromptu picnic. You may also surprise your partner at work and take him / her out to any activity that both of you love. You can even make a special effort and create a home cooked meal for your partner. Whatever you do, it will be impulsive and utterly romantic.

Your vivacity is not going to leave your partner unaffected. Your partner may also have a lot of work commitments or other appointments, but though he / she may hesitate a little at first, he / she will soon put the plans on hold and happily go along with whatever you have planned. So, expect a day full of impetuous fun, laughter and discovery about one another. The evening is likely to be passionate as the teasing and the innuendos exchanged between you two throughout the day will have their inevitable effect.

Lucky color: bottle green, mustard, amber
Lucky number: 8, 32, 16

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