Chhath Puja 2023 19 November, 2023 1 month 15 days to go
Shashthi Tithi Timings*:

Shashthi Tithi Start:
09:18 AM on Nov 18

Shashthi Tithi End:
07:23 AM on Nov 19

Other important timings* on 19 November, 2023
Sunrise 06:47 AM
Sunset 05:37 PM
Moonrise 12:16 PM
Moonset 11:23 PM
*Timing in IST for Ujjain, India Change Location

Chhath Puja 2022 was on 30th October.

Chhath Puja 2023 Date • Significance & Rituals

Chhath or Chhath Puja (Hindi: छठ पूजा), also known as Surya Sashthi is a festival for worshipping Surya, the Sun God and his wife Usha (Chhathi Maiya) and is celebrated six days after Diwali. Chhath Puja is one of the ancient Hindu festivals and therefore holds great significance for the Hindu community. This puja is performed to express gratitude to Sun God for sustaining life on planet Earth.

Chhath Puja 2023 is on November 19, Sunday

1 month and 15 days to go for the event

Karthik Shukla Shashti Tithi Timing: November 18, 9:18 am - November 19, 7:23 am

Chhath Puja photos Image Source: IANS

Chhath Puja is observed on the Kartika Shukla Shasthi (sixth day) as per the Hindu calendar.

When is Chhath Puja celebrated?

Chhath puja is a 4 day upavas/vrat observed in the Hindu calendar month of Karthik, which starts on shukla chaturthi and ends on shukla saptami, with the most important day being the night of Shashti tithi of shukla paksha. On the English calendar it typically falls during the months of October or mid-November.

Chhath 2023 Festival and ritual dates are given below:*

Chhath Puja Ritual Date & Tithi
Nahay-Khay (नहाय खाय) November 17, Friday
Karthik Shukla Chaturthi
Lohanda and Kharna (लोहंडा और खरना) November 18, Saturday
Karthik Shukla Panchami
Sandhya Argh (संध्या अर्घ्य) / Chhath Puja November 19, Sunday
Karthik Shukla Shashti
Suryodaya/Usha Argh (उषा अर्घ्य) November 19, Sunday
Karthik Shukla Saptami

* The exact date of celebrating Chhath Puja is however decided by the Central body of Janakpurdham located in Nepal and is applicable in every part of the world.

Chhath puja rituals Image Source: IANS

Women perform rituals on the occasion of Chhath Puja

Who celebrates it?

Chhath puja is a big festival for Hindus all over India and abroad. People from all caste and creed worship Sun God to acquire prosperity, progress and well-being.

Importance of celebration

Chhath festival is celebrated to worship the God of Energy, Sun God and is means to offer thanks for blessing the life on planet Earth. Devotees each year pray Surya enthusiastically to seek success and well-being of the family members and friends. According to beliefs in Hinduism, performing the sacred Chhath Puja also cures chronic diseases like leprosy.

Where it is celebrated?

Even though Chhath Puja is celebrated will full zeal all over India, the celebrations in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh are unmatchable. Even in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Mumbai and Goa, Chhath festival is celebrated with equal dedication.

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Karthik shukla shashti is the most important and rigorous day of the 4 day chhath puja festival

Important Timings On Chhath Puja 2023

SunriseNovember 19, 6:47 AM
SunsetNovember 19, 5:37 PM
Chaturthi Tithi Timings November 16, 12:35 PM - November 17, 11:03 AM
Panchami Tithi Timings November 17, 11:03 AM - November 18, 09:18 AM
Shashthi Tithi Timing November 18, 09:18 AM - November 19, 07:23 AM
Saptami Tithi Begins November 19, 07:23 AM - November 20, 05:22 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

How it is celebrated?

Chhath Puja takes the form of 4-day long celebrations and each day has its own significance and ritual. On the first day the devotees get up before sunrise and take a Holy bath in the Ganges. The home is thoroughly cleaned and they eat only one specially prepared meal called ‘kaddu bhat’. On the second day that is Panchami, the devotees observe fast during the day time. During the evening Mother Earth is worshipped and the fast is broken. After this meal the devotees go on a strict 36 hours fast without drinking even a drop of water.

On the third day, the actual day of Chhath Puja the devotees offer Sanjhiya Argha at the time of sunset on a river bank. After the puja it is essential to wear clothes in turmeric color.

On the morning of the fourth day, Paarun Bihaniya Argha is offered at the time of sunrise. While standing in the water, they offer ‘aragh’ and ‘prasad’ to the rising Sun. The fast is then broken by eating the Chhath Prasad.


Chhath Puja is declared as restricted holiday by the Government of India and all government offices and business remain operational on this day. However, in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, chhath puja is an official holiday.

Chatt Puja offerings Image Source: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS

Chhat Puja offerings

Chhath Puja festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Friday, 20th of November
2021Wednesday, 10th of November
2022Sunday, 30th of October
2023Sunday, 19th of November
2024Thursday, 7th of November
2025Monday, 27th of October
2026Sunday, 15th of November
2027Thursday, 4th of November
2028Monday, 23rd of October
2029Sunday, 11th of November