The day when Sun enters the Karka rashi is called Karka Sankranti. This day starts the southern journey of the Sun God, which is also called the Dakshinayana. It is believed that Gods go to sleep during phase of six months. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day along with devotees fasting for blessings. This day is Deva Sayani Ekadashi as well. It is said that it is extremely fulfilling to donate food and clothes on this day.

Karka Sankranti is the start of the monsoon season that marks the time agriculture, which is an important source of income in the country. Dakshinayana ends with Makar Sankranti and uttarayan follows. During all the four months of Dakshinayana, people worship Lord Vishnu. Individuals who want to do Pitra tarpan for their ancestors wait for Karka Sankranti to provide the departed souls some peace.

Karka Sankranti 2022 was on July 16 Saturday

Rituals of the Day

  • Devotees should take holy bath during sunrise to wash away all sins and start afresh.
  • On this day, Lord Vishnu is worshiped and Vishnu Sahsra nama stotram is chanted during the puja. This brings peace and better luck to the devotees.
  • It is said, to do all kinds of daan on this day including grains, clothes, and oil especially to Brahmins.
  • Along with Lord Vishnu, the Sun God is also prayed and offered puja for health and prosperity on Karka Sankranti.
  • One should avoid starting anything new or important on this day, as the day is not very auspicious.

Important Timings On Karka Sankranti

SunriseJuly 16, 2022 5:54 AM
SunsetJuly 16, 2022 7:11 PM
Punya Kaal Muhurta July 16, 12:32 PM - July 16, 7:11 PM
Maha Punya Kaal Muhurta July 16, 4:59 PM - July 16, 7:11 PM
Sankranti MomentJuly 16, 2022 11:01 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

The purpose of puja and fasting on Karka Sankranti is to get relief from all bad aspects that can affect you or your family. There are many temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu that are flooded with devotees to offer puja on this day. In addition, Lord Varaha Swamy is worshipped on Karkataka Sankranti.

Karka Sankranti festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Tuesday, 16th of July
2020Thursday, 16th of July
2021Friday, 16th of July
2022Saturday, 16th of July
2023Sunday, 16th of July
2024Tuesday, 16th of July
2025Wednesday, 16th of July
2026Thursday, 16th of July
2027Friday, 16th of July
2028Sunday, 16th of July
2029Monday, 16th of July

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