Magha Shraddha is an important ritual performed by Hindu devotees in honour of their forefathers and deceased family members. It is performed during the ‘Pitru Paksha’ (the fortnight dedicated to ancestors) when the ‘Magha’ Nakshatra exists during the Aparahna Kala. Magha Shraddha is observed on the ‘Amavasya’ (no moon day) of the Hindu Magha month. It is stated that if this Magha Nakshatra prevails, even partly, during the Aparahna Kala on two continuous days, then the day on which it exists for greater duration is considered. Also when Magha Nakshatra prevails during the Aparahna Kaal on the ‘Trayodashi’ (13th day) tithi, it is popularly referred as ‘Magha Trayodashi Shraddha’. The month of Magha is the 11th month in the traditional Hindu calendar that is considered propitious for performing Pitru Tarpan, Snan, Daan and Yagna. These activities performed during this time are considered very meritorious and sacred. Magha Shraddha is therefore observer with full devotion and dedication by Hindu devotees all across India.

Magha Shraddha 2022 is on September 23 Friday

1 month and 5 days to go for the event

Rituals during Magha Shraddha:

  • Devotees get up early on the day of Magha Shraddha. In Hinduism, all the Shraddha rituals including tarpan are performed by the male head in the family. The observer of the Magha Shraddha rituals first worship their ‘Ishta Deva’.
  • Following this Pinda Daan is performed. In this ritual, a ‘pinda’ is formed from rice, ghee, cow’s milk, honey and sugar and offered to one’s ancestors. It is said that the Pinda Daan puja must be performed with full devotion, sentiments and respect for the deceased soul.
  • Tarpan is also an important ritual performed on Magha Shraddha. Water mixed with Kusha grass and black sesame seeds are offered to the ancestors. It is believed that the Tarpan ritual on the day of Magha Shraddha greatly appeases the ancestors.
  • After finishing the puja rituals, one must offer food to Brahmins. The ladies in the house prepare ‘saatvik’ food to offer to the Brahmins. It is believed that the food eaten by them goes to the deceased family members. One must also offer ‘Dakshina’ in form of clothes and money to Brahmins. Besides Brahmins, on Magha Shraddha there is also a ritual to feed cow, crow and dog.

Important Timings On Magha Shraddha

SunriseSeptember 23, 2022 6:19 AM
SunsetSeptember 23, 2022 6:18 PM
Magha Nakshatra Begins September 23, 2022 2:03 AM
Magha Nakshatra BeginsSeptember 24, 2022 3:50 AM
Aparahna Kaal September 23, 1:31 PM - September 23, 3:55 PM
Kutup Muhurat September 23, 11:55 AM - September 23, 12:43 PM
Rohina Muhurat September 23, 12:43 PM - September 23, 1:31 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of Magha Shraddha:

The significance of Pitru Paksha Shraddha, along with Magha Shraddha is mentioned in the ‘Matsya Purana’. Magha Shraddha is an auspicious day observed during the Pitru Paksha. This particular day when the Magha Nakshatra prevails is considered to be very significant as according to the legends, the Nakshatra Magha is ruled by ‘Pitrs’ who are the spirits of departed ancestors. It is believed that by performing the Tarpan rituals on Magha Shraddha pleases the ancestor’s soul and also gives countless religious merits. As an outcome of the Magha Shraddha rituals, the souls of one’s forefathers can attain liberation and peace. After being satisfied with the tarpan and Pinda daan, the ancestors then bestow blessings on their descendants.

Magha Shraddha festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Thursday, 26th of September
2020Tuesday, 15th of September
2021Sunday, 3rd of October
2022Friday, 23rd of September
2023Tuesday, 10th of October
2024Sunday, 29th of September
2025Friday, 19th of September
2026Wednesday, 7th of October
2027Monday, 27th of September
2028Sunday, 17th of September
2029Thursday, 4th of October

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