Naraka Chaturdashi 2023 12 November, 2023 1 month 11 days to go
Chaturdashi Tithi Timings*:

Chaturdashi Tithi Start:
01:58 PM on Nov 11

Chaturdashi Tithi End:
02:45 PM on Nov 12

Abhyang Snan Muhurta: 05:27 AM - 06:42 AM
Other important timings* on 12 November, 2023
Sunrise 06:42 AM
Sunset 05:39 PM
Moonrise 05:27 AM
Moonset 04:57 PM
*Timing in IST for Ujjain, India Change Location

Naraka Chaturdashi 2022 was on 24th October.

The 5 days of Diwali 2023

Naraka Chaturdashi 2023 • Abhyang snan muhurat and its Significance

Naraka Chaturdashi or Narak Chaturdashi (Hindi: नर्क/नरक चतुर्दशी, Gujarati: નરક ચતુર્દશી, Tamil: நரக சதுர்த்தசி, Telugu: నరక చతుర్దశి) is a significant festival for Hindus. It is observed on the Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu lunar calendar. It falls during the month of October-November according to the Gregorian calendar.

Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated as the second day of the 5-day long Diwali festival - one of the most important festival for Hindus worldwide. Narak chaturdashi celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon ‘Narakasur’.

Naraka Chaturdashi 2023 is on November 12 Sunday

1 month and 11 days to go for the event

Abhyang Snan Muhurta : November 12, 5:27 am - November 12, 6:42 am

Narak chaturdashi is also known as Roop Chaudas, Bhoot Chaturdashi, Niraka Nivaran Chaturdashi, Chotti Diwali etc... Though Kali chaudas is often used as a synonym for Narak chaturdashi as both falls on same day, both are distinct observances.

Diwali calendar 2023

Table below shows the 5 days of Diwali 2023:

Day 1 Dhanteras November 10, Friday
Day 2 Naraka Chaturdasi (Chotti Diwali) November 12, Sunday
Day 3 Lakshmi Puja (Diwali Festival) November 12, Sunday
Day 4 Govardhan Puja November 14, Tuesday
Day 5 Bhai Duj November 15, Wednesday

Naraka Chaturdashi is also referred to as ‘Chotti Diwali’ or ‘Roop Chaturdashi’. Being a part of Diwali, the grand festival of lights, Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated in every part of the country with full enthusiasm and dedication. The celebrations are very grand in the northern states of India. In the southern states of India and the state of Maharashtra, the festival of Naraka Chaturdashi is marked by glorified and elaborate bathing rituals. In the Indian state of Goa, Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated in a unique way. Huge effigies of Narkasura are prepared for months in advance and paraded on the streets all through the day. Later in the evening, the event is ended by burning these effigies and other linked revelry. In the eastern part of the country, especially the state of West Bengal, Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Kali and known by the name of ‘Kali Chaudas’. Magnificent pandals for Maa Kali are created and a special puja is also performed.

Rituals of Naraka Chaturdashi:

The most important ritual of Naraka Chaturdashi is getting up early, before sunrise and applying ‘Ubatan’ (a paste of oil, herbs, flower and other essential beautifying ingredients). This is followed by a bath. This is known as ‘Abhyang Snan’. It is a belief that by performing this ritual on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi a person will be freed from the sufferings of Hell. However, in failing to do so, they go straight to Hell. Also on this day, it is believed that by getting your heads washed and applying kajal, one can ward off ‘Kali Nazar’ or evil’s eye. There is also a practice of wearing new clothes after the holy bath.

Just like Diwali, people light up their homes on Naraka Chaturdashi with diyas and lamps. All the members of the family come together to worship Goddess Lakshmi. Varied offerings are made to the Goddess and special prayers are offered to seek Her divine blessings. After the puja, family members, especially children, also burst crackers.

Some devotees also observe a fast on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. The observer of the fast, worships Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber with full devotion and break their fast after completing all the puja rituals.

As Naraka Chaturdashi is also celebrated at ‘Hanuman Jayanti’, on this special puja is offered to Lord Hanuman. The deity is worshipped with flowers, oil and sandalwood. Special ‘Prasad’ is prepared from rice flakes, sesame seeds and jaggery and offered to the Lord, along with coconut. On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, several delicacies are prepared from hand pounded rice. The rice used in these preparations is taken from the fresh harvest. This tradition is more predominant in the urban and rural areas of the Western India.

In some parts of the country, people also worship their ‘Kul Devi’ on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. This is done to keep away evil spirits. On this day, some families also make food offerings to their forefathers to receive their blessings.

Important Timings On Naraka Chaturdashi 2023

SunriseNovember 12, 6:42 AM
SunsetNovember 12, 5:39 PM
Chaturdashi Tithi Timing November 11, 01:58 PM - November 12, 02:45 PM
Abhyang Snan Muhurta November 12, 05:27 AM - 06:42 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Naraka Chaturdashi is observed as a day to eliminate all evil and idleness from our life. devotees worship their deities to seek their blessings to eradicate all wickedness and also bring a new dawn into their life. the day of Naraka Chaturdashi is also considered favourable for persons practicing tantra as by reciting the mantras on this day they can increase their tantra power. Besides in the Hindu traditions, the day of Naraka Chaturdashi has its own significance. As on this day, Mother Earth (Bhumi) killed Narakasur, her son for his misdeeds, much in same way parents should prevent their children from going on a wrong path. The custom of ‘Deep Daan’ (donating earthen pots) is also an important ritual observed on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi.

Naraka Chaturdashi is a joyful and fun-filled event. Mouth-watering delicacies together with the sounds of bursting firecrackers make the whole atmosphere more lively and entertaining. People enjoy the scrumptious spread of meal together with their friends and relatives and there is merriment in the air, everywhere.

Naraka Chaturdashi festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Saturday, 14th of November
2021Thursday, 4th of November
2022Monday, 24th of October
2023Sunday, 12th of November
2024Thursday, 31st of October
2025Monday, 20th of October
2026Sunday, 8th of November
2027Thursday, 28th of October
2028Tuesday, 17th of October
2029Monday, 5th of November