The fourth and last day of the Saraswati Puja celebrations during the Navratri festival is observed as Saraswati Visarjan. It is observed on the ‘dashami’ (10th day) during the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (the waxing phase of moon) in the ‘Aswin’ month of the traditional Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this date falls between the months of September-October.

This day is also commonly referred as ‘Saraswati Udvasan’. Saraswati Visarjan is celebrated as the day to bid adieu to Goddess Saraswati and devotees pray for Her return every year.

Saraswati Visarjan 2023 is on October 22, Sunday

Uthara Ashada Nakshatra Timing : October 21, 7:54 pm - October 22, 6:44 pm
Shravana Visarjan Muhurat : October 22, 6:44 pm - October 23, 12:21 am

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In the states of Goa, Maharashtra and southern regions of India, the celebrations of Saraswati Puja begins with Saraswati Avahan on ‘Maha Saptami’ and comes to end on Vijayadashami with the observance of Saraswati Visarjan.

Rituals during Saraswati Visarjan:

Any puja in Hindu traditions like Saraswati Puja starts with invoking the Goddess in a ‘murti’ or idol. After completing the rituals, the puja ends by requesting the presiding deity to depart. Visarjan is a word of Sanskrit origin that implies the final rite of respectfully requesting the departure.

Devotees get up early on the day of Saraswati Visarjan and wear traditional clothes. Women adorn themselves with ornaments and there is a custom of applying vermillion on each other’s forehead. Special sweets and meal is prepared on the occasion of Saraswati Visarjan for offering to the Goddess.

After completing the puja and rituals of the Saraswati Puja, on the day of Vijayadashami, devotees perform the Visarjan puja. At the end of the ceremonies, after the final aarti, the idol of Goddess Saraswati is taken for submergence in a river, sea or any water bodies. The Saraswati Visarjan procession is taken out in grand manner and is celebrated with dance and music. Devotees wish farewell to their Goddess and wait eagerly for Her return next year.

In South India, on this final day of Saraswati Puja, that is, Saraswati Visarjan or Udvasan, there is a practice of initiating the process of learning in young children. This observance is known as ‘Vidya Arambham’ and is celebrated with full gaiety in Kerala and Karnataka.

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Important Timings On Saraswati Visarjan 2023

SunriseOctober 22, 2023 6:30 AM
SunsetOctober 22, 2023 5:52 PM
Shravana Nakshatra Timing October 22, 6:44 PM - October 23, 5:14 PM
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Significance of Saraswati Visarjan:

In Hindu mythology, Goddess Saraswati is a prime deity who is being worshipped since the Vedic ages. Her glories have been stated in several of medieval and ancient Indian literature. In the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata, the great Hindu epic, Goddess Saraswati is referred as the ‘Mother of the Vedas’. She is worshipped as the Goddess of knowledge, music, wisdom, science and arts. Goddess Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and resides in Her heavenly abode, Brahmapura. She is shown to be seated on a peacock, swan or hansa. According to the Hindu legends, Lord Brahma with the knowledge of Goddess Saraswati created this universe. Goddess Saraswati is also known to be an important part of the Hindu ‘Tridevi’ (with other being Goddess Kali and Goddess Lakshmi) and is worshipped with utmost devotion all across India. Students and people belonging to the field of art and literature particularly worship Goddess Saraswati to seek Her divine grace.

Saraswati Visarjan festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Friday, 23rd of October
2021Thursday, 14th of October
2022Tuesday, 4th of October
2023Sunday, 22nd of October
2024Saturday, 12th of October
2025Thursday, 2nd of October
2026Monday, 19th of October
2027Saturday, 9th of October
2028Thursday, 28th of September
2029Monday, 15th of October
2030Saturday, 5th of October