645 Hindu boy names starting with the alphabet "V". Vaachaspati to Vamadev - if you prefer a Hindu boy name which starts with V, choose a good name from the list of boy names given below.

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  • One with strong arms
  • One who glitters like diamond
  • Lord indra
  • Lord shiva
  • Lord indra
  • Sturdy like metal, lord hanuman
  • Diamond
  • One who is loveable ;Another name of Lord Krishna
  • One who is the Lord of the clouds; Another name of Lord Indra
  • Holder of rocks
  • Another name of Lord Indra;King of the highest heaven
  • One who is the king of kings; Another name of Lord Indra
  • One who shines like diamond
  • An excellent being; like a diamond
  • One who is like a diamond; an angel
  • Muscular and well-built; Another name of Lord Indra
  • One who is limitless; Another name of Lord Krishna or Lord Indra
  • A mighty conquerer; Another name of Lord Indra
  • Strong armed; Another name of Lord Indra
  • Lord indra
  • Vak
    A precious gift;like a diamond
  • Lord ganesh
  • An epithet of ganesha
  • One who is good natured; Another name of Lord Vishnu
  • King of the universe; Another name of Lord Indra
  • A bright-faced; shining light
  • One who is wise; Another name of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva  
  • A crane
  • Stunning; good-looking 
  • Attractive and good-looking
  • Beloved
  • A strong and mighty warrior
  • One who provides guidance; Another name of Lord Muruga
  • One who excels in everything
  • Saint who wrote ramayan
  • Vam
    An extraordinary and inspiring being
  • Lord shiva
  • Blessing of  Lord Shiva
  • Lord shiva
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