Junput Beach is one of the beautiful beach destinations of West Bengal that is characterised by solitary beaches and calm waters. The place is particularly known for Casuarinas that are spread generously around the beach. Junput Beach with its serene and peaceful environment is an ideal choice for vacation that lures travellers from far and wide to this destination. Apart from being an incredible and superb seaside paradise, the place is also famous for its works on marine biology and salt water piscine culture. Head to this unspoilt beach destination and enjoy the rhythmic music of the sea waves and feel the gentle blowing breeze that is just enough to free all your exhaustion in a matter of few minutes.

 Location : State/District

Junput Beach is a located in the district of Purba Medinipur in the Indian state of West Bengal.Junput Beach is geographically located between 21.4437⁰ northern latitude and 87.5035⁰ eastern latitude.

 Destination Type

Junput Beach is a beautiful sea side destinations of Eastern India.

 Weekend getaway

Junput Beach is a perfect sea side destination for tourists who love holidaying in isolation. The natural beauty of the place draws nature lovers from far and wide to this destination. Owing to its close proximity, Junput Beach is an attractive weekend getaway for the crowd in the nearby cities to break free from the monotonous routine of their daily lives.

 Weather Information

Summer Time in Junput Beach lasts from the months of March to May. During this time the weather remains hot and the scorching heat from the sun makes the climate even more uncomfortable. Owing to its closeness to the sea, the humidity of the place remains very high during the summers. The month of June marks the onset of monsoons at Junput Beach. The place receives good rainfall till the month of September. The climate during this time is pleasant and perfect to enjoy activities at the place. Winter season in Junput Beach prevails from October to February. The climatic conditions are pleasant and the mercury level drops to make the weather moderately cool. The months of December and January are coolest. Junput with moderate weather conditions is visited by tourists all year round and there is no specific season to visit the place.

 Travelling Requirements

Citizens of India can travel freely to Junput Beach. There are some travelling restrictions for foreign nations. They need to take a prior visa permission from the Indian government for visiting Junput Beach. A correct visa application needs to be submitted clearly stating the purpose and period of visit. Only after getting visa clearance, foreign tourists can travel to Junput Beach.


The waters of the sea at Junput Beach are calm, making it ideal for swimming even for beginners. The beach side is lined with casuarinas and fir trees and has the perfect setting to take long, leisure walks. Nothing is more relaxing than just lying down at the beach and enjoying the cool sea breeze. The view if sunrise and sunset from the Junput Beach is a treat for the eyes. The beach side of Junput is ideal picnic spot for tourists. While the adults enjoy water fun and bask in the unspoilt beauty of the place, children love making sand castles at the shore. Junput Beach with its peaceful environment and pleasant weather will re-energise your mind and body.

 Places to Visit

There are plenty of attractions around Junput Beach that are not to be missed.

The Dariapur Lighthouse is a famous landmark destination located very close to the beach. This 75 meters high lighthouse offers panoramic view of the surroundings and is visited by almost every tourists vacationing at Junput Beach.

The Kapal Kundala Mandir is a popular religious destination that is just a kilometre away from the beach side. It is an ancient temple of the region that is left in ruins now but still holds historic relevance. The Kapal Kundala Temple is surrounded by forests that are visited by nature lovers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Another favourite tourist spot of Junput Beach is the Marine Biology Museum. The administration of the museum is monitored by the Fishery department of West Bengal. The museum houses rare species of snakes, fishes and other wild lives that are commonly found in the region. The Marine Biology Museum is a must visit destination for people inclined towards biological science.

 Food & Accommodation

There are plenty of small restaurants spread around Junput Beach that offers visitors the taste of delicious Bengali cuisine. Elgin is a famous restaurant around the place that serve gourmet food selection to the guests. The local food joints, cafes, dhabas and fast food centres around Junput Beach are also worth trying. The food preparations are fresh and are reasonably priced. Tourists can also head to the Junput Bazaar to visit the Pubs there for some merrymaking and drinking sessions. These place also serve delectable snacks and cheap liquors to the guests.

There are good accommodations options available around Junput Beach in the form of hotels and resorts. Tourists can also stay at the Inspection Bungalow maintained by the Fishery Department of West Bengal. They provide comfortable accommodation and need to be booked in advance. There are some private resorts at Junput Beach that offer decent stay to the guests and the rooms in these resorts are priced between INR 1000-2000 for a night. Some of the names are The Palm Resort, Orbit Hotel, Larica Holiday Inn and Resort Junput. Some of the good properties around the beach side that offer best service to the clients is Hotel Ganapati Palace and Masara Beach Resort. The room tariffs in these hotels range between INR 3000 to INR 4500 for a night.

 Safety and Security

Junput Beach is safe destination for swimming however tourists must ensure their personal safety while at the beach side.